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  • Off season marketing

    Plenty of off season to use.

    On the mid day local news they had an Illinois State trooper explaining the need for proper child safety seat adjustments with winter clothing.

    So here's what INDYCAR needs to work on because there are parallels to Indycar drivers secured in their seats. Find a child safety seat manufacturer to partner with. Have driver/crew chief tandems get instructions from the child seat makers so they can give informed demonstrations. The manufacturer can set up a tour of local newscasts and each tandem can do different parts of the country. They can put together one of his/her seats as a demonstration unit so the driver can show how he fits in and gets belted in. The host of the local show might be small enough to try out the seat.

    INDYCAR puts together a video of a each driver getting a seat molded and the driver can explain how the seat has to fit then show how he/she gets belted in by a crew member to make sure they are properly situated and the belts are connected and tight. Each driver brings copies of his/her video to each appearance. Very much like a parent a child in a safety seat. These can be put on YouTube and linked by the child seat makers.

    This puts Indycar drivers out in front of the public, let's them speak without having to explain racing, let's their personalities come out while building some good will. This can be done on any city nationwide, where there's an Indycar race or not, not just Indianapolis. Maybe most importantly, it puts the off season to use by marketing the series and drivers.

    Anticipating. You get the child seat manufacturer to pay for some of this but yes it will cost INDYCAR some money. Marketing isn't free.
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