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Mark Walberg question

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  • Mark Walberg question

    I had to go back and look up the story


    And as we approach the end of the season I'm wondering, has there been any evidence of him having any involvement with the series since he stepped out of that two seater at the 500?

    “This sport is incredible,â€‌ said Wahlberg, Oscar- and Emmy-nominated actor, producer and AquaHydrate business partner.

    AquaHydrate is partnering with IZOD on these promotions.
    I've seen the Honda and IZOD spots promoting the contest to win the ride with Mario at races. But have there been some AquaHydrate ads for it? Has Walberg done any commercials for it? We're almost done with the year, has he shown up somewhere for the series that I missed?

    I mean the guy sounded so excited and was given the honor of riding with Mario to start the Indianapolis 500 wouldn't you think he would have been seen somewhere near a race for the remainder of the season.
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    Last I heard Gene Simmons was FedExing Mark his extensive file on promoting IndyCar.
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