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    Surprise...We made it to the new format! Here's your reward! A picture from 9/11/18 of my kitten Charlie Noodles. This was when he was a petite young kitten. Now he is a monster at nearly 10 months old. He is bigger than my other 3 cats but those photos are on my phone and not yet downloaded onto my desktop computer folder where I pulled this photo from. Charlie, also known as Squeaky, since he doesn't meow, he squeaks, was abandoned on our porch. He played very aggressively and was very territorial and possessive about food. We have worked with him and he is very much an ideal house cat now. However, he has sharp talons where claws should be. This cat would have been one heck of a hunter. In the first few weeks we had him we had to teach him how to play with his toys instead of murdering them. His play with my other two male cats had to be supervised. Now everyone plays well together and the 4 cats get along great. He is best buddies with my smallest male cat, Oliver.


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    Slim, I am not a cat person but your post could swing me a little in that direction. Not a bad looking animal . . . . . . . . . for a cat !!

    Nice read .
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      I mean purrr purrr purrr


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        Here's Charlie at around 6 months of age. He's a very cool cat to have. Whomever dumped him on our porch knew nothing about raising kittens. We took the time and trained him. He likes people and other cats. He's very affectionate and is a lap cat when someone is watching TV. He learns things very easily too. My other 2 boys take Catlax for hairball control. They lick it right off the tube rather than me putting on my finger and putting it on their tongues. He learned how to get in line for his dose of Catlax just like his big brothers. I still have to give Arie, their sister, her dose on her tongue. At 13 years old she's not changing her ways for anyone.

        For those that aren't necessarily cat people, there are some cats out there that could change your mind. Charlie is almost dog-like. He plays fetch. He learned from Oliver who likes for me to throw the rings off of milk jugs. So now I have 2 that fetch those and Charlie brings foam balls also. We didn't need a 4th cat but he sure changed our minds when he was quarantined in the bathroom and he played footsie all night long with Taz and Oliver under the bathroom door. They wanted to keep him and since they said they would get along with a new kitten we took him to the vet to get checked out and then vaccinated (and ultimately neutered) instead of to the shelter. We took 2 days looking for lost signs and calling vet offices and the SPCA in case he was lost. He also wasn't microchipped. (He is now.) Since we care for the feral cat colony we get drop offs all the time. Just not usually housecats.
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          Thanks, Charlie sounds like a good kitty. We have one like that, follows us on walks around the house, sits wherever we are working, thanks me and says hello when I let her in or out of the house or feed her.

          The other two were feral kittens that after 5 years finally let us pet them. They should smarten up, like Charlie.
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            ​a bad day at the race track beats a good day at work


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              Stewie seems to like the sink. None of mine play in the sink but the claw foot bathtub is a playground. Oliver and Charlie wrestle in there. Oliver likes to drink from that faucet so we let it drip for him and Charlie just decided that is the most opportune time for attack. We figure it's a grey cat thing as the two black cats don't interfere.


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                Screwy Stuey likes just about anything he can get lazy with.

                kinda funny, Frankie & Stuart looked so alike yet in the year-and-a-half we’ve had Stuey...I’ve NEVER confused the two. Or Frankie passed away almost 2-weeks ago and I can’t tell you
                how many times I’ve called Stuey, Frankie...and almost every time when I was in the garage.6EC91340-FAE5-4F0B-9104-23E6D9BF5B05.jpeg
                ​a bad day at the race track beats a good day at work


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                  It's probably a psychological thing connected with Frankie's death. Especially since Frankie used to hang out in the garage all the time. I've found myself calling Oliver by my former grey tabby cat's name, Missy, a few times in the past few weeks. Missy passed away in 2006. Oliver is a lot less 'needy' than Missy was. She was a true mama's cat, always at my side. Oliver only really shows up at bedtime, he's the only cat that has to sleep with his mama. The other 3 are fine sleeping in their cat beds or in the cat trees. He has just done a few things lately that has made me call him by her name without thinking..even her nickname..."c'mere, you little weasel".

                  Arie is 13 now, Taz is 3 1/2, Oliver is 3 and Charlie just turned 10 months. Arie is my soft lap cat while the three boys are just comedy in motion all day long. The only thing that really gets all the boy cats to sit still at the same time is if I put YouTube on the tv and put a bird and squirrel video on for them. That has been great this winter.