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Wednesday Night Losers Chat Roll of Honor

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  • Wednesday Night Losers Chat Roll of Honor

    Back in the day when chats were a thing, an assortment of lunatics met regularly on Wednesday nights, first at Len Calinoff’s OpenWheelRacing, then at David Manson’s IndyRacingWorld, finally at SpinChat.
    There was a core group of about 20 who spent many nights discussing racing, God, and the world.
    Friendships were made that went beyond the Intardwebs and continue to this day.
    We celebrated others success and supported them in trying times.
    We were there for each other, always.
    We talked on the phone, met at races, gathered at Camp and Brew.
    Many still post at TF.
    The friendships continue.
    This thread is to recognize those who are no longer with us in body but remain with us in spirit.

    Scrambler (Wally Pinkley)
    dog-ring (Tim Reynolds)
    Mackie (Miles Nelson)
    hdolan (Howard Dolan)
    cps (Ray Blackmore)
    DedFlrs (Ronnie Lee Booker)
    Manson (David Manson)
    mickie (Mickie Bingham)
    roach (Jim Roach)
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    “With the help of God and true friends, I come to realize
    I still got two strong legs, even wings to fly
    I ain’t wastin’ time no more...”

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    Those were fun days, and those that have passed are greatly missed.


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