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Tracy St.Petes winner (Inagural)2003

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  • Tracy St.Petes winner (Inagural)2003

    IMG] http://members.aol.com/chapparrel/petesnose.jpg
    [IMG] http://members.aol.com/chapparrel/petesrearside.jpg
    [IMG] http://members.aol.com/chapparrel/petescockpit.jpg
    [IMG] http://members.aol.com/chapparrel/petesrear.jpg
    The man is back for more champ car repros, and this is the first I have completed for board member JD. This one is just great from the get go. We used wings from a Franchitti, so it looks different. The paint is Players blue, along with harness padding and carbon fiber lining in the cockpit, and exaust the cockpit is stunning. Most of the bigger decals are precision cut vinyl, and that even applies to the maple leafs on the side next to Tracys name and the nose cone. Artwork is Phantoms as usual, and with his help I can only self proclaim the best cars on the planet with his help.
    I am doing these full time again, and I have a alot of catching up to do, all orders can be placed with me at [email protected]. My methods have improved to state of the art hand builts. No Tamiya model paints only the real deal for every car!! The under carrage is fully painted with a specail gold plate with the maker of the car sealed in UV clear.
    This may be the car PT wins the championship in so I am stoked to be doing these.
    ALSO the dark blue is vinyl cut from Phantoms decal sheet, the layouts were right on John,,thanks


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    VERY nice G, as always.
    Just a thought, i'll let the masses know, you do IRL cars as well.
    And very well i might add.

    This guy took a SF car, and put an engine in it, front suspension, and a few tricks, like wing adjusters, and a rear wickerbill, and transformed it all into a 2001 Helio winner.
    Too bad i can't post pics of it, its INCREDIBLE!

    G, your cars are among the best i have ever seen, ( if not the best).

    Folks, if there is a car you can't buy, he can make it.
    You won't be disappointed.

    Sam Hornish Jr. 2006 Indianapolis 500 and IRL Champion. :D


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