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"How Much Do You Really Know About The Indianapolis 500?"

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  • "How Much Do You Really Know About The Indianapolis 500?"

    Thought you guys might be interested in a Trivia Book.. for true fans!!

    Christmas Present for Racefans: Official Indy 500 Trivia Book 500+ Q &A

    About Book: Officially Licensed by the Indy Motor Speedway:
    "How Much Do You Really Know About The Indianapolis 500?"
    - My dad, Pat Kennedy, long time racefan and former Indy 500 Director wrote a 500+ Indy 500 Trivia Book. After taking Donald Davidson's class, studying race programs for years, and attending 49 consecutive Indy 500s, he compiled 500+ trivia Questions. Foreward written by Donald Davidson himself!


    Title: "How Much Do You Really Know About the Indianapolis 500?"
    Available: Online www.autoracingtrivia.com, Indy Motor Speedway Gift Shops, Borders BookStores throughout Indianapolis (downtown, Carmel, keystone, Castleton)

    PLEASE SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE IN ORDER TO GET ANSWERS. OR VISIT www.autoracingtrivia.com click on "Sample Trivia Questions" for more questions and answers.
    For immediate response email: [email protected]

    1. In 1969, Andy Granatelli, desperate to win the Indy 500 on his 17th try, entered how many cars?
    (a) three
    (b) five
    (c) seven
    (d) eleven

    2. In the 1920s (1920-1929) which car builder's cars won five times, took second place twice, and took third place twice at the Indianapolis 500?
    (a) Louis Chevrolet
    (b) Cliff Durant
    (c) Fred Duesenberg
    (d) Harry Miller

    3. In what year was the 500-mile race moved to Sunday, where it has remained ever since?
    (a) 1964
    (b) 1974
    (c) 1984
    (d) 1994

    4. Which driver drove relief in the race on year and then won the race the next year? He was not considered a rookie winner, because he had not qualified the previous year and had not started the race.
    (a) Ralph DePalma
    (b) Louis Meyer
    (c) Mauri Rose
    (d) Wilbur Shaw

    5.) What is the only number A.J. Foyt did not use at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in his career?
    (a) #1
    (b) #2
    (c) #5
    (d) #6
    (e) #7
    (f) #8
    (g) #9
    (h) #10
    (i) #14
    (j) #29

    IF YOU GOT ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS RIGHT... You should ask for an INDY 500 Trivia Book for Christmas... who knows maybe you can beat Donald Davidson??
    IF YOU DIDNT KNOW ANY ANSWERS.. Im sure there will be easier ones throughout the book! You should buy this as a learning tool.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! let me know if you're interested!

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