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98th Annual Evansville Nut Club Festival

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  • 98th Annual Evansville Nut Club Festival

    I'm going to head to my first Evansville (Indiana) Nut Club Festival tonight. It's absolutely jam-packed with all kinds of odd-ball food, such as:
    • Deep fried hog jowls
    • Brain sandwiches, which I've heard is fantastic
    • Crawfish etouffee
    • All manner of jerky like alligator, kangaroo, ostrich, and such
    • Sloppy Billy sandwiches, which I've heard is made from goat meat
    • Deer chili
    • Chicken livers
    • Deep fried Fat Elvis, whatever that is
    • Desserts like Unicorn Boogers
    • and more
    Money raised by the club goes to charity. Check out their "Muchie Map", which can be found here:

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    mrs goner mentioned this event a few days ago.
    Please share your experience.


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      I'm hearing the Sloppy Billy sandwiches have been dropped from the menu due to the goat being re-purposed.
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        Oh yeah?
        I’m hearing Arnie Gilderstern’s legendary white oak tree was heavy damaged by lightning in the big storm this spring.
        He is flying his flag at half mast.


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          Originally posted by goner View Post
          mrs goner mentioned this event a few days ago.
          Please share your experience.
          Well, I went last night. For a Wednesday night, the place was packed with thousands of people; wall-to-wall people. Food booths lined nearly both sides of a five-block, divided four lane city street. So many food options, more than was listed on the Munchie Map. I wound up eating:
          • Deep fried Klondike bar. Was cooked to order and the center was still cold. This was a diabetic's nightmare.
          • Deep fried Sausage Kraut balls with brown mustard. I'm of German heritage, so had to try them. Pretty good if you like sauerkraut.
          • Deep fried Fat Elvis. Like I suspected, it was a banana coated in peanut butter, wrapped in dough, then deep fried. Made to order. More diabetic's nightmare.
          • Crawfish etoufee with sriracha sauce glaze. So good.
          • The most tender, oversized, ribeye steak sandwich on butter toasted roll I have ever had. University of Southern Indiana Varsity Club's booth. Was only $6!!
          • Tried some deep-fried Mac-and-Cheese. Didn't care for that.
          Would have tried the cheeseburger on donut buns if my sugar intake hadn't been so high already.

          Had to park about four blocks away at a CVS.


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            Thanks for the report. Sounds like good fun.

            Is the Nut Club the people or did this start out as a celebration for nut growers?

            (I know my earlier post wasn’t a well constructed joke about a nut crop but, nuttin’ from the peanut gallery? )


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              The Nut Club was started by a few west-side businessmen. Today, the West Side Nut Club's primary goal is to help non-profits and charities. Many, many of the food booths were such organizations.


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                  I think we all suspected that the Deep Fried Fat Elvis was a deep fried Peanut Butter & Banana sumpthin'.

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