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Dish owners...input please

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  • Dish owners...input please

    I'm rural, looking at my broadcast options...currently have cable installed, but the service is being cut and the prices stay the same and doesn't offer the premium (ie: SPEED) unless you opt for $$$...dish ends up being somewhat cheaper in that regard but it's service/reception I'm concerned about here. Like I said, I'm rural.

    Pros and cons?
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    Dish and DirecTV consistently rate at the top of customer satisfaction and customer service. However, both groups seem to be raising rates at a more cable-like pace lately.

    I've had DirecTV for eight years without much problem (until recently). I would consider switching to Dish or Comcast if the right deal comes along.

    Speed is part of the main (Total Choice) package on DirecTV. They also have NFL Sunday Ticket, which is well worth the money. Dish is stronger in the foreign programming. Other than that, they're fairly similar.
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      I recently switched from DISH to Comcast cable, primarily because I was able to save money via a package cable/internet option.

      Prior to that, I had DISH for about 6 years.

      The reception with DISH was always great, as long as it wasn't heavily raining outside. Also, the DISH channel arrangement was easy - all the sports grouped together, all the movies, all the lifestyle, etc. The local channel option also came in clear. The cable picture that I have now is kinda grainy on the local channels, the pic was better on DISH.

      The only downside(s) I had with DISH was:

      1) They would sometimes get in disputes with certain channels over price, and instead of paying it, and then negotiating, they would simply cut the channel off. They would be apologetic to you as the customer, often having some guy named "Charlie" (not Vietnamese) come on and explain what was going on - which was nice - but at the same time, I wanted the channels I signed up for, not to be used as a negotiating chip. You may find that DISH doesn't have OLN now. I think they cut them off late last year - which is fine now, but may be a problem when the Tour de starts in July.

      2) Their outsourced customer service. They seem to be one of the companies using customer service reps from India. Therefore, communication to them is not only via an unclear line, but their Engish is hard to understand when heard through such a distant line. A problem that really sucks when you're tying to correct something.

      Other than that, the service was fine. I wish Comcast had their channels set up in the same was as DISH, and the remote worked the same, but I'm getting used to my current.
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        You can also get a ton of info from dbsforums.com. There are a lot of very smart people there.
        No weather forecasts are ever guaranteed, even if confidence level is high. Even a 99% probability will miss 1% of the time. That's the best anybody can do when predicting highly complex events.


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          I've had Directv for over a decade. When my original box went bad from old age they replaced it free (with a total p.o.s. but free is free). It has been so long since I've had cable I can't even tell you what the pros are, but I can tell you the cons:

          1) The biggie - the reception goes out in bad weather. A heavy rain and no tv. A dust storm and no tv.

          2) Forget about bundling an internet connection. They aren't competitive yet. I have a separate internet only cable connection.

          3) If you want to watch a different channel on another set you need an additional receiver. As a new subscriber, you should be able to get free/discounted equipment & installation.
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            I switched to Directv in August and couldn't be happier. Would have done it sooner but had to wait until they got DSL in my area so I could ditch the cable internet connection.


            Cheaper the cable, at least in my area, I was just talking the other day to a co worker who is paying $65/mo for comcast and getting the basic package on 3 TV's, I pay $58/mo for my Directv on 3 TV's including my TIVO.

            NFL Sunday Ticket, if you are a football junky like me nothing can touch it.

            Service, the customer service has been awesome, the only issue I had was at installation when the guy didn't show up, and he was sub contracted through a local company and the guy that was suppose to install mine and someone elses that afternoon just quit and never even called in. Directtv was great about it and knocked $10 off my bill for the first 6 months. the other night one of my receivers acted up, 5 minute call to customer service and they had it reset.

            TIVO, you can get it now for cable as well, but we didn't have it before, it is amazing.


            Dish Netwok - All I can say is this Xmas we wanted to get my Father in Law a DVR for his Dish Network Service, the people we called at their customer service were completely clueless. We live 3 hours away so going through a local installer wasn't an option, we just wanted to buy the box and pay for a years service on his existing account. Customer Service kept saying they had no idea how to do this and to go to a Radio Shack or Sears and we could get the box there and then get him a gift certificate to cover the service. Went to 2 Radio Shacks both said they are not allowed to sell DVR's for customer's with existing Dish Network service, even got the store manager to call his regional office at the second store because I had been told this twice by the Dish people. So thought I would try the local Sears, talked to the guy there, they haven't dealt in Dish Network in a couple years. Where these Customer Service reps got their information is beyond me. I will never deal with dish again, and after telling my Father in Law when his contract is up he is switching back to Directv.

            Is it May yet ?


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              I've had DirecTV since 3/05 and been pretty happy with it. No real outages, even when the weather is bad, but we've had to re-boot our set-top box a few times.
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                I had DirecTv in the 'hood at my apartment complex near the State Fairgrounds on 38th.

                The service was provided by an agreement with the Apartment property (some 400 rentals I guess). I loved it (snowfall was the only KO I experienced. Everyone switched to it and the TimeWaner sued the complex for equal rights. SO TW was allowed in (rather, they were never kicked out). When no-one switched back, they offered the Apartment Complex an undisclosed amount and shut down the DirecTv feed and we were forced to go back to cable or get rabbit ears. They went so far as to covenant in a no mini dish rule. :mad:

                Anyone in an officer position with a subdivision might inquire how to get DTV to put up a master dish and then wire each home. Cable go by by then.

                There was that one time I had a problem and the Customer Service gal offered me up the Playboy channel for free for three months and then only $5 a month thereafter. I had to take that offer, and somehow I think that she must of been related to Micki in a former life
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                  Got the order placed...through BellSouth, so we save $10 on the monthly, enough to get HBO...better yet, this time next week I'll be able to watch SPEED...yeeeeeeeeehah!!!!!
                  You've worked so hard on the kidney. Very special -- the kidney has a very special place in the heart. It's an incredible thing. Donald John Trump

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                    We have Dish...seems there is a pizzing contest between them and the network stations over HD...I've been told for several months now that its gonna be real soon...I'm going to give it one more month and if it doesn't happen I go to TW...55.95/month for more stations than I can count plus the high def stufff...they provide the hardware, including recording for nothing...


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                      I have directtv and like it better than dish or cable.

                      I currently get the local channels in HD via an OTA antenna. In May they will install a new satellite for free that will get the local channels in HD.
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