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How many times do you wear jeans before washing them?

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  • How many times do you wear jeans before washing them?

    To make this poll "scientific," I will define the following:

    By "jeans," I refer to denim pants worn for casual or white-collar work purposes.

    By "times," I refer to periods of about 8-10 hours, as if you were wearing them for a full day's work, or out for a night of general carousing.

    By "wear," I mean donning them on your person, with a leg inserted into each pant, outside of your house and in public.

    By "wash," I mean to place in an automatic laundry machine that agitates clothing in a mixture of water and soap.

    By "you," I mean the individual reading this description.
    Four or more
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    There are a lot of things that can determine this. I won't go into them here.


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      Then I will include the following addendum:

      "How many times, on average, do you wear jeans before washing them?"
      No weather forecasts are ever guaranteed, even if confidence level is high. Even a 99% probability will miss 1% of the time. That's the best anybody can do when predicting highly complex events.


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        As long as I don't spill anything on them, it's usually 3 wearings. Now, I've been known to wear the same pair of shorts from Thur-Sun on race weekend.
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          Till they can stand on their own. I think independence is important in the matter of clothing. Now, at that point I generally let free will play a part; I stand them outside on the porch and leave them there overnight. If they're still there the next morning, then they have proved their faithfulness and truly deserve a good wash.
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            years ago

            finally got that girl from southern Ohio to take off her jeans. There they were, pink lace......but they said....July!
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              Are you supposed to wash them?
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                I voted 4 or more.

                Actually, all I own are jeans. I wore a suit to work everyday for over 30 years and the day I retired, Goodwill Industries got a large donation of clothing.
                I wear jeans everywhere, and if someone takes offense to the way I'm dressed, I simply take my business (and my money) elsewhere.
                I'll usually wear a pair for two days, then put them out in the garage and wear them another couple of days doing chores so there is always two pairs in circulation. Drives my wife crazy!



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                  I don't even own a pair of bluejeans. Can I substitute shorts (pretty much worn year round here in the Valley of the Sun - it was 80 something today)?
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                    A long time. They just get more comfortable every day. A large dollop of some kind of red sauce may get them washed if it can't be mostly wiped off.

                    As an extension of this question, what kind do you prefer? And I ask because of a personal journey.

                    After beginning life with Levi's 501s, the original 5 button jeans of the miner-49ers, years of trends took me through, and this is just from memory:

                    - Calvin Klein, coupled with that Members Only jacket.

                    - Lee, because there had to be something else.

                    - Whatever the discount store had that was denim...

                    - Back to Levi's and - what? 505's, 550's, 540's, boot cut, straight cut, flares, a skosh more room, on and on. Selecting a pair of jeans became as difficult as buying microwave popcorn or orange juice. Just give me one choice please.

                    - Now it's Levi's 501s, 5 buttons, just like the Goldrush guys wore. Who gives a rat's? Buy 2 pairs at a time, they last for 18 months, repeat. Paint with them on until the crotch rips out. Just as well. One less thing.


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                      Y'all are some gross mugs.

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                        What is this "wash" that you speak of?
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                        • #13
                          I voted about 3 times. If my wife wasn't such a laundry hound, I would probably go longer than that.
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                          • #14
                            I buy them stone washed. I thought it was s'posed to cover everything.


                            • #15
                              Like roach, I was a suit for about 20 years.

                              Now I wear jeans everyday, washing after about 2-3 times.


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