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Super Bowl rant

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  • Super Bowl rant

    What a display of incompetence! Dropped passes, missed field goals, broken routes, arm tackling...where are the fundamentals? Where is the blood? The mud? The grass stains? The determination to win and ferocity of competition? After mistakes I've seen players smile!


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    Refs have screwed up what COULD have been a good game. SHut it off.
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      Originally posted by SportscarBruce
      The mud? The grass stains?


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        Refs are really screwing the Seahawks. I'm not even seeing these so-called penalty's on half of these replays. Low block by Hasselback, gimme a break.


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          given the preponderance of Steeler fans, the zebras want to get out of Motown alive
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            What an effing crock!

            The game is tarnished for good now.
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              I'm suspecting the fumble will go as called. What a joke. :mad:


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                OMG this is pathetic!!!! Another blown call goes against Seattle. Hope they win their challenge.

                If not this has got to be the shabbiest officiating in the history of the Super Bowl!!!! :mad:

                EDIT: ok they got this one right (on further review)...but talk about a day late and a dollar short!
                - Make a note of the word 'Gobbly-gook'. I like it and I want to use it more often in conversation.
                --Yes, sir.


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                  I've watched damn near every Super Bowl and I don't ever remember the refs being as one-sided as these refs.

                  What a shame.

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                    That was a sham
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                      Tune to Animal Planet
                      Puppy Bowl II!



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                        There were three distinct aspects of this game.

                        1. Seattle played better as a whole but didn't get the job done.

                        2. Pittsburg made the big plays and as a Seattle fan I am still happy for Cowher.

                        3. The officials called it like a an early season game where they wanted to set o tone for the season. Very poorly officiated.
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                          They called it pretty tight from the outset, that's for sure. I thought the tone was set on that D-Jack "push-off" penalty that obviated the td.

                          Did Ben score? I watched every replay and couldn't tell where the ball was in that gloved hand-right arm. My initial impression was that it was a touch.

                          Deep into the game our discussion was that the Hawks were outplaying the Steelers, but couldn't catch a break. But the big plays, the breaks, and the individual heroics went the way of Pittsburgh.

                          I'm good with it, even though there were some head scratchers as to officiating. And that play from Randel-El to Ward was way sweet, NFL Films material for all time.


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                            Horrible officiating, and thats being nice

                            Time for FT ref's, no more of this PT BS

                            Unreal ...............
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                              The officiating was terrible, but Seattle lost because they gave up too many big plays to the Steelers.


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