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Awwwwww, cr*p!!!!

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  • Awwwwww, cr*p!!!!

    This is pretty funny.....

    Museum Visitor Trips, Smashes Ancient Vases
    Monday, January 30, 2006

    CAMBRIDGE, England — A top official at Britain's Fitzwilliam Museum says some of its best-known artifacts "are in very, very small pieces," after a visitor tripped on his shoelace and fell down a stairway.

    The three Chinese vases had been sitting proudly on a window beside the staircase for 40 years before the man's spill knocked them off and shattered them.

    The museum's director says he's glad the visitor wasn't hurt, but the accident is "most unfortunate and regrettable."

    The vases date from the late 17th or early 18th century. They were donated to the museum in Cambridge in 1948.

    The museum's assistant director says officials are "determined to put them back together." No word on the value of the vases.

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    You'd think they'd have been secured somehow, after all these years...
    There's really no such thing as Gary the Moose, Sybil.


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      It was prolly Mr. Bean.


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        Originally posted by doitagain
        You'd think they'd have been secured somehow, after all these years...
        Makes me think they were just old and not ancient.

        "Ooh woo, I'm a Rebel just for kicks, now
        I been feeling it since 1966, now..."


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          I toured several British museums with my teenage sons last year. How my boys kept from breaking anything valuable amazes me.


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