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Question for BMW Owners including KO........

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  • Question for BMW Owners including KO........

    I have a chance to pick up a 2004 530i sedan for what I think is good money. Any pitfalls here or is it a good car?

    Inquiring Dog-minds want to know................

    PS..........it's loaded..........

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    Great car.

    Expensive repairs.
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      Originally posted by Truth Detector
      Expensive repairs.

      Had a BMW and it was great.
      Got rid of it for the reason stated above. Hey dog...call a dealership and price out a simple t-stat.


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        The 530 (and 540) had real engine block problems in the past, but it's been resolved now. The major problem was with the old M60 engine. 5 series short block V8s tended to experience corrosion from the high sulfur content of American fuels. BMW had to replace many of these engines in the late 90's, but many more engines never showed their corrosion until after the recall period. This was a mess that somewhat clouded the 530/540's history and angered many that bought very expensive cars.

        But, that's all in the past and a nice American-fuel friendly alloy has solved all of this.


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          I've owned several BMWs, and liked them all. However, routine maintenance is definitely on the high end, and major repairs are really up there. If you plan on keeping it for a while, I would see if you can get an extended warranty with it. IMHO, you will probably recover the cost of the extended warranty.


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            Originally posted by Truth Detector
            Expensive repairs.
            Help make Dennis Reinbold your good friend.........
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