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A Marine Reports from Iraq

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  • A Marine Reports from Iraq

    A great read!

    Editor’s note: There’s nothing like word from the field to know what works, what doesn’t and how the enemy’s tactics are affecting our soldiers in battle. Below is one U.S. Marine’s take on those questions, verified and relayed to us through his father, a retired Marine. We’ve withheld the Marine’s name and his father’s to spare them the inevitable political or institutional flap. Among the most interesting tidbits: Our Marine reports that servicemen are shocked at negative press coverage of the war, and they believe the United States is winning decisively — but that the number of troops in the field should be bolstered. On equipment, our Marine thinks the older, battle-tested parts of the U.S. arsenal are the most useful equipment in the fight against insurgents. M-16s aren’t much good, but “Ma Deuce” is, and the .45 pistol is highly coveted. Body armor has plusses and minuses.
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    Originally posted by Niseguy
    Quit misleading the American people (sic). The current rhetoric is so bad that the general public turns everything off. Another casualty of war. If more soldiers' stories were heard (whatever the truth is), we would at least have an honest discourse.
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      Very interesting.

      The enemy death toll is supposedly between 45,000 and 50,000.
      This is the first place that I've read this.
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        Probably a pack of right wing lies...


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