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  • Aftermarket wheels & tires

    OK, when I was a kid I had to put aftermarket wheels & tires on my cars but back then it was pretty much Cragars or nothing. Now there must be a thousand manufacturers and I don't know what's good or what's bad.

    I'm wanting something for my Suburban and I like the looks of the 20" rims with some real tires on them. Here's a set from ebay that I like:


    1. How do I know a good brand?

    2. How do I know what size to get?
    a. I don't want a lift kit
    b. I'd prefer to not get the speedometer recallibrated

    3. How can I be sure of a good size to still tolerate pot-holes and a little off-roading?

    4. How do I know how wide or how much off-set to get to fill the wheel-well but not rub?

    Any other suggestions?
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    Tire Rack


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      YO, my man TD be stylin' NOW! Gnome sayin'??

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        TD -

        If you don't want to get too wacky, you can find chrome "dippers" that will send you chromed versions of your OEM wheels. This is what I did. Got the 16" version of the 2001 stock wheel chromed from some guys in CA, and put some Indy 500's on them. Defininite upgrade from the "stock" look, but doesn't look as "pimped" as the 20"+ wheels.
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          There are a number of ways to go on this.... whichever you choose, be certain that the wheels are "hub centric" and have the proper offset, no spacers... that's the only safe way to do it.

          If you go to a true "plus one", which increases the diameter of the wheel one step while maintaining the original tire circumference by going to a lower profile tire, no speedometer adjustment is necessary.

          Be careful of weight increases from the new wheel and tire package, as it can affect braking ability.

          I got mine done at Discount tire, and they knew their stuff. Made sure fitment and clearances were right, and had a good selection of wheels and tires in stock (or immediately available same day) at good prices. They had a variety of price ranges available, and an excellent warranty program as well.

          If you live where they use road salt, think about keeping the factory wheels and tires for winter use, and having the new ones for good weather. Salt does a number on chrome wheels if they are not regularly cleaned and waxed, especially on the backsides and under the lugs.


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            TD, you make it sound like this stuff is just starting to break out. But as you can see from this image, custom wheels and rims were "pioneered" long ago.

            How bout ridin' spinnaz?
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              If I recall correctly, Discount Tire's web site will allow you to input your vehicle and then give you tire choices based on stock rim size, 1+, and 2+, while keeping the circumference the same as stock (no speedo change).


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                Just stay far away from the "wobble lugs" and the "vari-fits". Like the earlier post, hub centric, and a single bolt pattern.
                I like the quote a friend of mine use a few years ago when we were doing an up-grade to a Corvette in Phoenix. We recommended BBS or Enkei, and the customer asked why they were so much higher than the other brands.
                Mike's reply was "they are round".


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                  Can you say cubic zirconia?? Cause here's a cool set for $259k...


                  BTW they now have 20 something wheels with those LEDs in them so you can just like the Newman-Haas cars of a few seasons ago can send out messages...

                  like "call me" or "hey where did you learn to drive?".

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                  I been feeling it since 1966, now..."


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