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  • Woohoo

    The day has finally arrived! My heads, cam, and intake are here! Finally! Now I just wish I had the money to get them installed, but that day will come!

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    For an 806?


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      Well no. But the head gasket just came in for our 1456.


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        those worthless red tractors...
        Life's too short to worry/Life's too long to wait
        Too short not to love everybody/Life's too long to hate

        "There are a number of very knowledgeable and entertaining race fans here. There are also a number of morons. Your job is to figure out which is which." - Rev-Ed


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          I knew 806 wasn't quite right. So what are the heads, intake, and cam in for?

          Sprint car, kart, 68 camaro, ranger pickup?


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            92 mustang 302 it is my project/ daily driver
            Someday hopefully will have another vehicle to driver everyday and let this one come out on weekends

            Green tractors are the best but red is cheeper


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              Originally posted by OvalFan
              Green tractors are the best but red is cheeper

              When the economy is struggling the only color that sells is green.
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                Congrats! When I inherited this little 200ci 6 cylinder I wished it was a 289.

                The longer I've owned it the more I realize keeping it sedate and stock has saved me a TON of money by not leading me down the siren path of more horsepower.

                That is exactly what would have happened if it had been a smallblock.

                Ok, I have to fess up. I did order a Clifford Performance catalogue just to see what was available....hehe.

                "You people worry too much. Strive for change. Root for your favorites. Enjoy the racing. Drop the flag." rev-ed, 3/04


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                  Ahh beautiful car KO. Yes I purchased mine with the idea of never modifying it then I got hooked on doing that. But I'm gonna keep all of the original parts and the car won't look any different on the outside than what it is now.


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                    Mustangs are wonderful cars. Have a good time putting it together. You'll have a blast following the backroad route to Sparta, Kentucky!


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