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DVD from Tivo ? Anyone doing it ?

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  • DVD from Tivo ? Anyone doing it ?

    Anybody out there have a solid setup for burning Tivo'd shows off a Directv Tivo ? I decided I wanted to do this and had remembered reading something about being able to network your Tivo, checked into and found Tivo has something called Tivo2Go that lets you transfer to your PC and burn. Then I find out that Directv's Tivo's don't come loaded with this feature and you have to hack them to load it. Now I'm not above that, but would prefer an easier solution.

    Has anyone purchased a DVD/Player Burner and just hooked that up and used it ? What other methods have people tried ?

    Is it May yet ?

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    I've got a TiVO/DVD burner from Pioneer that works pretty well for me. The only problem is that you can only get about 50 min on each DVD at full resolution. Otherwise it's a pretty cool way of archiving stuff like IRL races.
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