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Pennzoil Synthetic Blend ?

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  • Pennzoil Synthetic Blend ?

    Does anyone know if Pennzoil makes a synthetic blend ? I know they have the 100% synthetic platinum. Usually I cahnge my own oil but a few weeks ago I was headed out of town for the weekend and needed it changed and didn't have time. So I had gotten a coupon in the mail for a $9.99 oil and filter change at Monroe. They offered a synthetic blend from Valvoline for $19.99 with the coupon so I gave it a try, it actually seems to have helped my milage slightly. Now in my effort to support the IRL and Panther I usually buy Pennzoil (assuming they are back in some capacity) and I wouldn't mind putting this in my wife's Jeep. I hate to go to the 100% synthetic because they say once you do you shouldn't switch back where as with the blend they said it didn't matter.

    Is it May yet ?

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    as you may know, Pennzoil and Quaker State are now brand names of Shell Oil.

    if you think the IRL & CART guys fight on the net, surf over to
    and see the Amsoil vs. Mobil 1 forum wars

    BTW there is NO reason that all types of oil (syn, semi, and petro) cannot be used interchangeably.
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