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State Property Tax Reform

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  • State Property Tax Reform

    I am hoping we can keep this non-political so it can stay in this forum and not the mud throwing politics forum. Here in Pennsylvania there is growing concern over the increasing property taxes. Legislation has been proposed to completely eliminate property tax and replace it by lowing sales tax from 6% to 5% but broading it to cover more items such as clothes and food. More info here if interested PA Tax Reform Plan Link.

    Personally I really like the idea as my property taxes are insane, and I think it is totally unfair that my parents who worked hard to have a nice house when they retired are paying close to $4000 a year in school taxes while the family with 4 kids down the road that rent an apartment is contributing nothing directly to funding schools they use. I was just wondering if any of you live in states wit a plan like this and what your thoughts are, as well as what the other Pennsylvania TFers think.
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    Simplified tax plan - Question 1: How much do you make? Question 2: How much owed (see answer to question 1 for answer). With the recent Supream court ruling, it seems we do not really own it any more and it already belongs to the state. I guess we just pay rent to stay at their pleasure.

    Indiana underwent property tax reform and it still makes no sense. I had a 5 acre and a 10 acre sitting next to each other being farmed and the taxes on the 5 acre was tripple what the 10 acre was - the explination made no sense and I was terrified the might just raise the 10 to the same level as the 5.

    Many prople had to sell as they were priced out of their property. It was supposed to make it more fair - r i g h t :mad:
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      Income and sales taxes are good and fair.
      Property taxes are insidious and evil. If one's income drops (retirement, lost job), then all other expenses can be scaled back, but the only way to economize on property tax is to give up one's home. Especially pernicious for retirees who's home is paid for. It forces the elderly out of communities they helped build. :mad:
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