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What posters were on your walls?

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  • What posters were on your walls?

    When I was young, naive and idealistic, my bedroom walls were covered with posters. I had a Fillmore East-West poster, Willie Mays and a Porsche poster. And, of course, my sister's walls were covered with Bobby Sherman posters. She also had a Che Guevera poster temporarily, but my dad drew the line there.


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    Witnessed Mario's "Miracle at Indy"...Watched 3 win their 4th Indy 500...Was there for Petty's 200th win...Saw the last Novi qualify


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      Nothing as a teenager, but in my biker years (early twenties) I had a nice collection of posters from Easy Rider (the movie - not the magazine ). . Two of my favorites were a psychodelic, day-glo rendering of "Captain America" that really stood out under black light, and a picture of "Billy" riding down the highway "flipping the bird".


      on edit - I still have them somewhere, but I don't think wife #2 is about to let me hang them in our new house. As a matter of fact, she's not too happy about my getting my bikes out of storage and bringing them there.
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        Originally posted by fivehundred2go
        Same at home. In college, I had the green moonscape poster from my Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon album up on the wall, and a promotional poster from Star Trek II--Wrath of Khan above my desk. Once I figured out these two things meant "hopeless geek unworthy of social life" to other people, I removed them...
        "I didn't hear a single comment about airboxes, "carbashians", or how terrible the car looked. I did see dozens and dozens of little kids in awe of the speed and how cool the cars looked. We should learn from our children."
        --Danny Noonan


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          Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Classic Farrah Fawcett, New York Giants. Also, various pictures of my local dirt track heroes.

          ...how could I forget, Stevie Nicks?
          "George Bignotti's Sinmast Wildcat (Designed by Bob Riley); delicately built, carefully prepared and boldly driven by Gordon Johncock." -- Keith Jackson


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            A black light poster of Jim Morrison and the Doors. Dan Gurney in his CanAm Mcleagle.

            I also had some Ron Burton illustrations of Mario and AJ in their Indy Cars circa late '60s.


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              '58 Corvette, F4U Corsair, Copenhagen Racing Banner, Blues Brothers movie poster, Marlboro-Team Penske Banner. These are what hung in my apartment in college. Nothing fills up a bare white wall like an "approriated" racing banner.
              It's a Hoosier thing, you wouldn't understand...


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                Marc Bolan from the Slider lp.
                Alice with his boa.
                Leroy Kelly from the Browns.


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                  "W.C. Fields", "Steve McQueen" on his motorcycle from the Great Escape (BTW did you know he was from Beech Grove?), "Ilie Natase", "Chris Evert", "Jimmy Connors", "Chicago" poster from one of their Albums where they were posed in front of Arlington Cemetary, "Peace Is Patriotic" a Mennonite peace poster, An Album promotional poster for the "Beach Boys" that had a beach girl telling us that the Beach Boys love Indianapolis, "Mario" in his Can-Am Oil Penske Indy car, Mark Donohue in his Sunoco-Porsche Cam-Am car, A photo of my Dad blown up to poster size from a Pike Twp Fire Dept fund raiser in the mid 50s where Dad was in tails at a baby grand pretending to be "Liberace" (they didn't know what gay was in Indiana back then, they just thought Liberace liked to dress fancy... a fancy man for you Cabin boy fans), A "Cream" Poster, A "Todd Rundgren" (that had my name along with thousand other fans on it)... hey I was in High School in the 60s and had a room down in our basement so was allowed to put up what I wanted... but no blacklights or strobe lights though.

                  I also had an "STP Welcome Race Fans Banner" that I can't quite remember the circumstances of how I got it (that's been my story for close to 40 years and I'm sticking to it...)

                  "Ooh woo, I'm a Rebel just for kicks, now
                  I been feeling it since 1966, now..."


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                    Back in my pre-teen days, I had this gem on my wall.......

                    I also had a Fran Tarkenton poster that my mom put on my wall. And a Walter Payton poster that my dad put up there as well.
                    “We live in a great and free country only because our forefathers were willing to wage war rather than accept the peace that spells destruction” Theodore Roosevelt

                    "There is nothing patriotic about hating your country, or pretending that you can love your country but despise your government. There is nothing heroic about turning your back on America, or ignoring your own responsibilities." Bill Clinton


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                      What posters were on your walls?

                      skypigeon, mdkiel and Whosyer-Sparkplug...oh, wait...I'm not sure that I understood the question.


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                        I remember having lots and lots of them as a pre-teen, but this is the only one I remember clearly


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                          I had what West McLaren had, only I had two of 'em!

                          I also had three different Debbie Harry posters (Blondie), a Cheap Trick one, a Star Wars poster and one I ordered from the back of a 70s Penthouse magazine.

                          It was of a guy with a cringe on his face holding a pile of crap in his hands and the caption was "Tired of the same old $h*t?" I loved that one and wish I still had it.


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                            From about the age of 11 to 18:

                            Beatles, full body publicy photo from around the time of the White Album

                            Marx Brothers in a publicity shot from "A Night in Casablanca"

                            Poster sized drawing of Laurel and Hardy

                            A Paul Oxman poster of the back half of the field for the start of the 1967 U.S. Grand Prix at Watkins Glen.

                            A Paul Oxman poster of Graham Hill's lotus, circa 1968

                            A Paul Oxman poster of a Porche 917

                            Various color "pull-out" posters from the centerspread of "Auto Racing Magazine." Most were Can-Am or F1 cars

                            BONUS: Not posters, but a ceiling-mounted collage of 25 Alfred E. Newman portraits, which used to be available from Mad for 25-cents apiece.

                            During my college years:

                            The Who in concert from the "By the Numbers" Tour

                            The Kinks "One For the Road"

                            Buster Keaton

                            Grant Wood's "American Gothic"


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