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Anyone go to U2's "Vertigo" Tour yet this year?

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  • Anyone go to U2's "Vertigo" Tour yet this year?

    Going Saturday and was looking for a preview. "Elevation" shows were some of the best I've seen.

    They've been up in the Midwest and Northeast so far. Anyone go and have a review?
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    NO, I'm trying to though. I keep looking for tickets. Hopefully for Cleveland Dec. 10th. I have never been to a U2 show. I heard they are great.


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      Saw them in Anaheim earlier this year; saw the Elevation tour couple years ago (my future wife's brithday present to me.

      In 2 words:

      They rock!!!

      By all means go.
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        yes - swapped the group among our seats in 15th and in 2nd row - someone told me we're on the website

        fantastic show - less "scripted" and formulaic - seemed more loose/spontaneous to me - little less "show" and lot more "go" IMO

        as always the band was a smokin' and so was the crowd, although a lot less than at Widespread Panic a week later - now that crowd is really smokin' - and they roll big 'un's too .....

        seats were outrageously expensive but the music was worth it


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          You rock
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