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When B&B stands for booked badly

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  • When B&B stands for booked badly

    It looked ok. The reviews were great. It had the word “Lodge” in its name. It was a bit from the center of town. But so what?

    Maybe the first clue was the gravel driveway. The large whitewashed building was more of an old farm house. There were no manicured gardens—-the likes of which we had seen on our trip. Just a shaggy lawn with a soccer goal and a lot of neglected bushes. And then you had to watch your step because of the dog poop in the parking area. Yes, turn around and see the great view across the pastures to the water and the hills beyond.

    The owner was nice enough. Very sweet. We were her only guests that night. I think she had 3 or 4 rooms. Let’s go to ours.
    it was no more than 8’ by 8’. It contained a double bed, a twin bed, two end tables, a small desk, and in the corner just below the ceiling was a small 12” box of a TV. Okay.... Off to the bathroom. It was fully equipped. The sink was about 6 inches lower than standard. The toilet had a seat but no cover. And in the coRner was the shower. I mean it worked. It had a handle, a nozzle and a drain. What more do you need. Just there in the corner——like a high school locker room. “It is a wet room,” she said smiling.

    I was left to wonder, “Where was that room with the single queen bed and lovely bathroom I saw online?

    Back in our master bedroom we were evaluating our situation as we heard doors slamming. Oh, her front door is six feet from our window.
    We went into town for dinner and made up our minds. When we returned I wrote a brief note explaining that we had changed our plans so that we could take a couple more days to reach our destination. Playing the reverse psychology card I said we understood that there might not be any sort of refund.

    She knocked on our door because she needed to ask if anything was wrong. No, no I lied, wE just sometimes do things on the fly and this was one of those occasions. No worries. And we quietly left the next morning.
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    I've always had great results with B&B's. My wife and I have stayed at quite a few of them. If you ever come to Maryland or Western PA let me know and I'll recommend a few to you.
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      We have done a few B&B’s.
      One was the daughters bedroom of an empty nester minister and we wife. I felt like I was sleeping in the Beav’s room at the Cleaver residence. Shhh, they’ll hear us talking. Couldn’t get out of that one soon enough.

      Best was Madison Indiana for KY Indy car races. A woman who just quit being a nun in a convent bought the B&B. She was sweet and nice to talk to and had no idea what life on the outside was like, I thought. 3 bedrooms, all used by our gang and she left for the night. That is much better. In the morning the sounds of the grand piano playing filled the large Victorian home as the breakfast chef played during preparation and during our meal.


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        One of our favorites on the eastern shore is Huntingfield Manor. We last stayed in the Fairlee Room. Inn owner are supper nice and the dogs they have are great.

        The Inn sits right on the eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay.
        "If you don't do it this year, you'll be another year older when you do"


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          Kintner House in Corydon. I cannot recommend it more highly.
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