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Judge Rules It's Legal to "Flash Lights" and Warn of Speed Trap

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  • Judge Rules It's Legal to "Flash Lights" and Warn of Speed Trap

    Slow Down, Good Buddy

    Now this is the kind of legal news I like to hear!

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    True story: the Automobile Association (AA) was founded in about 1903 to warn drivers of speed traps. When the speed limit was 4mph.

    The way it worked was that the AA would have a scout by the side of the road. If the scout saluted an AA member (detectable by the radiator badge given to members), the member could continue at unabated speed.

    If the scout did not salute, the member was meant to stop and ask why. The scout would then say 'Sorry, sir, I did not see you. By the way, I should drive carefully over the next mile or so, the roads are a bit dangerous .'
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      When was it not legal??

      If some Police officer wrote somebody a ticket then they were over stepping their bounds and I'm sure, that when presented before a judge, it was thrown out.

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