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Reminder: It's Eastern time again

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  • Reminder: It's Eastern time again

    We are on EASTERN time in INDIANA until April 4, 2004

    On April 4, 2004 we will return to CENTRAL time in Indiana.

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    From where I sit, nothing's changed We've been on Eastern Time, and we still are.

    GMT - 5.00 = GCT
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      Most of Indiana is ALWAYS on Eastern Time (as in Eastern Standard Time) - including Indianapolis.

      24 hours a day, seven days a week, 12 months out of the year most of Indiana is on Eastern Standard Time.

      The confusion comes with Daylight Savings Time

      Most of Indiana does not observe DST

      So during the DST months, Eastern Standard Time is the same as Central Daylight Savings Time

      EST = CDT

      When you remove DST, then Eastern time is just Eastern Standard Time.

      Welcome to Indiana.


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        I better go move my clock.

        Oh, that's right....I live in Indiana.
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          I know we do not switch, and thanks for the Welcome

          I understand that, the reminder was for THE REST OF THE WORLD, the people that do not LIVE in Indiana.

          Most people get confused with EDT,EST,CDT,ad infinitum. They go by Eastern, Central, Moutain, Pacific.

          Lat week on a TV schedule we would have watched something aired at Central time to match the clock on are walls.

          Now something aired on Eastern time will match our clocks.

          ps Matt how are you feeling?
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            People get confused when other people suggest we switch time zones...

            Oh, and BTW, the TV thing is completely wrong too. Even though throughout the summer we are on the "same time as Central", our TV shows STILL do not start at the same time.

            Their shows start at 7:00 P.M. most of the year, so they continue to run them at 7:00 P.M. while in Indiana everyone gets the programs at 8:00 P.M. which is the same as 9:00 P.M. out East.

            Got it?


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              In New york it is 9:00,
              In Chicago it is 8:00,
              In Denver it is 7:00,
              In L.A. it is 6:00,
              In Indiana it is 8:13 except in certain estranged counties where it is 8:47 of course. Counties that consider the clock an abstract piece of art are not included.

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                My relatives in Peoria, IL(Central Time) are now an hour earlier than us now, during the summer our clocks were the same....

                My relatives in New York(Eastern Time) are now on the same clock as us yet were one hour later than us during the summer...

                Look any way you want but compared to most programming schedules and life in general....We run on CENTRAL during the summer and EASTERN during the winter.

                Go to SPEED right now and Eastern times listings match our clocks now.

                A few days ago EASTERN time listings did not match "Indiana Time"
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                  Where this is really going to be noticed though is in live sports shows.

                  For instance, this afternoon's football games will start at 1 p.m. on television in Indianapolis.

                  While last week the games were on at 12 noon.

                  And Monday Night Football will start at 9 p.m. in Gomerland

                  So the game will not be over until midnight or after


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                    I never liked the time change. I couldn't figure out how to change the clock in my truck, so it was wrong six months out of the year.

                    BTW. When I was a kid, Indiana was on Central standard/daylight savings time.
                    Half the people wanted to stay on standard time all year while the other half wanted to stay on daylight savings time.

                    The solution was to go to EASTERN STANDARD all year. That way the peole who wanted standard time were happy because the time was called STANDARD, and the people who wanted DST were happy because EST is the same as CDT.

                    Hoosiers sure are easy!
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                      In Indiana it's perpetually 1957!
                      Have a very blessed day!


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                        Indiana is not alone. Arizona also does not observe DST. Nor does Japan.


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                          What time is it in Indiana?

                          What time is it in Indiana?
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                            My brain must be perpetually in 1957, even though I was born in 1964, because I love it here, even moved back here.

                            If you love racing, and I do, this is the place to be, regardless of what time it is


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                              Originally posted by Will O'Hargan
                              Indiana is not alone. Arizona also does not observe DST. Nor does Japan.
                              Neither does Hawaii or Alaska.
                              If I were Ed Carpenter and you were a lady...


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