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Roy mauled by a white tiger on stage

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  • Roy mauled by a white tiger on stage

    The local news just reported that Roy of Sigfreid & Roy was mauled on stage last night by a white tiger. They said it bit him around the neck and dragged him off stage. He's in critical condition.


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    You knew it had to happen sometime.


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      Sounds horrible. Critical condition.

      Review Journal Story

      The tiger refused Horn's command to lie down, audience members said, and appeared to take a playful pat at Horn, swinging a paw at the entertainer.

      "He lost the chain (around the tiger's neck) and grabbed for it, but couldn't get it," Cohen said.

      The tiger locked his jaws on Horn's right arm as Horn unsuccessfully struggled to free himself by striking the animal with the microphone. That's when the tiger lunged at Horn, clamping his jaws onto his neck..........

      ........The animal ran toward the side of the stage, dragging Horn from the view of most of the crowd. Horn appeared to be conscious.

      "It literally drug him by his neck off the stage like a rag doll," D'Antonio said.
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        being surprised at this is like being surprised when a sprint driver gets hurt bad.
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          Is that why they are refered to as WILD animals?
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            Apparently it was the debut performance for that particular tiger. Obviously got spooked. That said, Roy Horn is extremely lucky to be alive.

            On a lighter note. If Sigfried and Roy doesn't continue their former employees will have one **** of an attention getter on their resumes. Reason for leaving last job = boss got eaten by a white tiger.
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              Pretty terrible. First time either one of the performers had ever been attacked by their own tigers. They are listed as caretakers by the Endangered Species Network for those particular tigers. I wonder if that tiger that attacked Roy Horn has been destroyed? I believe every tiger that they own were raised as cubs. Sounds to me that this particular tiger went from aggressiveness to complete angerment. The tiger meant to kill Roy Horn. I wouldn't say to devour him. And then again...


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