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Which is less likely to happen?

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  • Which is less likely to happen?

    Un supports George Bush in Iraq or Tony George brokers a single OW racing series with CART?

    Both seem pretty much like serious backtracking by the principals when they discovered that their rose colored scenarios weren't coming true.

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    I don't know. Saddam is no longer running the country after decades of being a pest, and whether or not CART turns a wheel next year is still in doubt.

    To me I hope the only backpeddling is done by the countries who may have been tempted to allow terrorist's to train in their countries and those who can't enjoy both CART and the IRL for what they each do best.

    I can't imagine any countries in the past who would make rebuilding a country they just routed in a war a priority, but I guess that is because deep down we really do care about the people. I don't recall reading about Hitler's plan of rebuilding during his early WW2 runs thru Poland, Czech, etc.

    And with the IRL coming out with another stable schedule next year with T & H on board and ABC thru 2007, I don't think TG has much back peddling to do other than welcome all those who want to run the IRL with open arms, as he has done with Penske, Munn, Gannassi and Rahal.


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