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Happy B-Day MTV

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  • Happy B-Day MTV

    born on date August 1, 1981

    Its crap now and it was crap when I was a teenager in the 80s, but it was MY crap back then!

    Anyone remember the Pete Townshend ad with him saying
    "I WANT MY MTV!!"

    Today the typical MTV fan would say whos that old guy?

    Remember Asia in Asia? Or Nina Blackwood?
    Man did I have the hots for her when I was in high school

    of course once me and my friends hit 16 we invented a drinking game to go with MTV. Each entrant had to guess the next group to have a video played. With the heavy rotation, someone usually hit with in 2 or 3 songs. This was in the days of Huey Lewis, Pat Benatar, Journey, Def Leppard. Duran Duran etc.
    Losers had to finish their beer

    Remember that creepy Herbie Hancock video with the mannequins? Too friggin' weird!

    Wish I could see that video for "The Metro" by Berlin once more.

    Havent watched MTV since Beavis & Butthead were cancelled.

    I miss them too.
    Live like Dave

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    Martha Quinn
    "If there is a place on Earth synonymous with race cars, it is Indianapolis." -- Bernie Ecclestone

    "No matter where you go in the world, you say Indianapolis and they don't think about football or basketball, they think about the race." -- Richard Petty


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      Well y'know that the "old" MTV is now the "new" VH1 Classics...
      I love watching VH1C for that reason..."old" MTV will always be dear to me because it made it's debut on my 11th b-day!!! Talk about the perfect gift!!!

      Duran Duran was my all time fav band ( I was going to marry bassist John Taylor and my friends called me "Rio")
      Gawd!!! What about Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Foreigner, U2 and the list goes on!!!
      Those were the days.....


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        Originally posted by indysteve
        Martha Quinn
        Could not agree more!!!

        In college the MTV game we had was the end of the "music news" segments. Everyone took their positions (air base position for the Megadeth "Peace Sells" outro, air turntable for the rap styled "hip-hop" outro). Loser just looked like a dork.

        In high school I was a big fan of the "Sunday Night Special" whether it was a concert or a movie, it was just cool stuff I could never see before. Whoever would have thunk that teenagers would prefer to watch other teeneagers whine about how tough their existense is while living for free instead of actual music?

        Mmmmmmm. Martha Quinn.

        ...and happy birthday PG3!!


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