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Your Favorite Bob Hope Memory

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  • Your Favorite Bob Hope Memory

    Maybe this is a hopeless request...

    There was the one night on the Tonight Show with Dean Martin and George Gobel. Absolutely sidesplitting.

    Beyond that I will always remember his delivery. He snapped off the joke and let it stand or lie on its merit. Makes Jay Leno look like amateur night at the Improv.

    But more than that, his dedication to those who fought.

    One class act.
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    "The Big Broadcast of 1938"

    His first "big" movie and the birth of "Thanks for the Memories". I originally watched it as part of a W.C. Fields filmfest, but it had a great cast throughout.

    BTW - The next time you see Rubens Barrichello in the after-race press conference, look up an early picture of Bob - fodder for the "Seperated at birth" thread!

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      The Bob Hope-Tom Obrien commercials when Bob said " Tom needs the money, he's got more kids than Crosby "

      Tom Obrien is a local car dealer here in Indy.
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        I kind of like the one with a 2 year old Tiger Woods and Tiger is putting. Tiger picks up the ball and puts it about 2 inches from the hole and putts it in.. Hope could barely contain himself.
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          I'm so glad I got to see Bob Hope perform at Deer Creek Amphitheater in Indianapolis when he came here about ten years ago. I wish I could repeat one of his jokes, but we were laughing all night. There were too many to remember now. He sang and danced and told jokes.
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            watching his road shows during the Vietnam War on TV. He seemed to care so much for the soldiers and they liked him (and the scantily clad dancers) right back...


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              Seeing him preform as a replacement act for someone who decided not to show up at Indiana State University in 1973
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                I saw him perform for Army and Navy personnel in the Dominican Republic in 1965. He was a bright spot for those who were a long way from home. Thanks for the memories, Bob.
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                  Originally posted by STAND E
                  I'm so glad I got to see Bob Hope perform at Deer Creek Amphitheater in Indianapolis when he came here about ten years ago.
                  I was at that show. The thing I remember is Mr. Hope would occasionally forget the punch line to some of the jokes (not surprising for a man who was about 90 years old at the time). When he did, he would turn to an assistant who would remind him how the joke went. When he heard the reminder, he would laugh uproariously and then turn to the audience and deliver the line. He enjoyed the jokes as much as we did!

                  If it had been a younger comedian, you would have thought it was unprofessional for him to need reminders on his material. With Mr. Hope, it was very endearing and funny to see his reactions to the jokes. It was great just to be able to see him, even if he couldn't deliver the lines in the same way he did in his earlier years.
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                    Mr. Hope earned my respect by humoring our troops, but my favorite memories of him are from the shows he used to do where he introduced the college football All-Americans. He had some great one-liners for those guys.

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                      With out a doubt, Tan Son Nhut AFB, Christmas 1966. Saw him there, was not much of a fan before that, but always did appreciate him after that.


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