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    Over 120 nations started slightly over 2 years ago in Round 1 attempting to Qualify for the 2020 Olympics. The current Round 2 started over 1 year ago. Now over the 7 days Round 2 will end with 32 nations advancing to the World Cup next summer to claim spots in the 2020 Olympics. Next summer the 32 remaining nations will have their best players available for that qualification. However for each nations remaining 2 games in Round 2 they will have to qualify for the Round 3 with whatever players they have available. So far 18 nations have qualified for the 3rd Round but 14 more will qualify over the next week. 28 nations remain alive for the final 14 spots.
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    Allocation of the 32 spots for the World Cup.

    Top 7 teams at World Cup advance to Olympics.
    Next 16 at World Cup to last chance Olympic qualification tournaments along with 8 other teams chosen by ranking.
    Current status of qualified teams

    America (7) - Argentina, Canada, USA, Venezuela, 3 spots remain open
    Africa (5)- Angola, Nigeria, Tunisia, 2 spots remain open
    Asia (7)- Australia, Korea, New Zealand, 4 spots remain open.
    Europe (12)- Czech Rep., France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey, 5 spots remain open
    Host (1)- China


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      Status of America Group for the 6th and final window in Feb.
      Top 3 from each Group Qualify plus best 4th place team

      Qualified-Argentina, Canada, USA, Venezuela
      3 spots remain open-3rd Group E, 3rd Group F, Best 4th place
      Still alive Brazil, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico, Uruguay

      Group E
      x-Argentina 9-1
      x-USA 8-2
      Uruguay 6-4
      Puerto Rico 6-4
      Panama 4-6
      Mexico 3-7

      Remaining games

      Panama (4-6) at USA (8-2)
      Argentina (9-1) at Puerto Rico (6-4)
      Uruguay (6-4) at Mexico (3-7)

      Feb 25
      Argentina at USA
      Uruguay at Puerto Rico
      Panama at Mexico

      Group F
      x-Venezuela 9-1
      x-Canada 8-2
      Brazil 7-3
      Dominican Rep 6-4
      Chile 2-8
      Virgin Islands 2-8

      Feb. 21
      Chile (2-8) at Canada (8-2)
      Venezuela (9-1) at Dominican Republic (6-4)
      Brazil (7-3) at Virgin Islands (2-8)

      Feb. 24
      Venezuela at Canada
      Brazil at Dominican Republic
      Chile at Virgin Islands

      In Group E the 3rd place team will be decided by the Uruguay at Puerto Rico game on Feb. 25
      In Group F Brazil will clinch 3rd place by beating Virgin Islands or Dominican Republic loss to Venezuela. If it comes down to the final game Dominican Republic would have to defeat Brazil by 18 or more points.

      The tiebreaker for 4th place if teams have same record across groups is total point difference all games. Currently it stands as follows: Brazil +99, Dominican Republic +61, Puerto Rico +23, Uruguay -70...

      Tiebreaker within a Group is point difference on the 2 games played between the teams. Currently Uruguay has +2 on Puerto Rico with 1 more match between the 2 teams. Brazil is +18 over Dominican Republic with 1 more match between the 2 teams


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        Status of Asia Group for the 6th and final window in Feb.
        Top 3 from each Group Qualify plus best 4th place team

        Qualified-Australia, Korea, New Zealand
        Qualified as Host of World Cup (Does not count against the 7 spots in Asia-China
        4 spots remain open-3rd Group E, 2nd in Group F, 3rd Group F, Best 4th place
        Still alive Iran. Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Philippines

        Group E
        x-New Zealand 9-1
        x-Korea 8-2
        h-China 6-4
        Lebanon 6-4
        Jordan 5-5
        Syria 2-8

        China (6-4) at Jordan (5-5)
        New Zealand (9-1) at Lebanon (6-4)
        Korea (8-2) at Syria (2-8)

        Feb. 25
        New Zealand at Jordan
        Korea at Lebanon
        China at Syria

        Group F
        x-Australia 9-1
        Iran 7-3
        Japan 6-4
        Philippines 5-5
        Kazakhstan 4-6
        Qatar 2-8

        Feb. 21
        Japan (6-4) at Iran (7-3)
        Australia (9-1) at Kazakhstan (4-6)
        Philippines (5-5) at Qatar (2-8)

        Feb. 24
        Australia at Iran
        Philippines at Kazakhstan
        Japan at Qatar

        Clearly the most complicated region because of the fact that China already had qualified for the World cup (not the Olympics) as a host nation. As a result Lebanon is actually considered in the 3rd spot and Jordan in the 4th bubble spot.
        The best way to look at the remaining open spots is as listed below.

        Group E
        Open 3rd spot
        Lebanon (6-4)
        Jordan (5-5)

        Group F
        Open 2nd and 3rd spot
        Iran 7-3
        Japan 6-4
        Philippines 5-5
        Kazakhstan 4-6

        The bubble best 4 place.
        At the moment Jordan and Philippines are tied for the last transfer spot with 5-5 records but Jordan would get it by the virtue of better point differential all games. However, its still possible Lebanon, China, Iran, Japan could fall to 5 games lost. Another issue is Kazakhstan holds the tiebreaker over Philippines so if Philippines lose a game suddenly Kazakhstan moves in 4th in Group F.

        Simply put every game remaining in Asia Region could realign which 4 of 6 possibles qualify.
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          Status of Europe Region for the 6th and final window in Feb.
          Top 3 from each Group Qualify. No 4th place qualifiers in Europe.

          Group I
          Qualified-Spain, Turkey
          Spots open-3rd place
          Still alive- Latvia, Montenegro, Ukraine

          x-Spain 8-2
          x-Turkey 7-3
          Montenegro 6-4
          Latvia 6-4
          Ukraine 5-5
          Slovenia 2-8

          Feb. 22
          Slovenia (2-8) at Turkey (7-3)
          Spain (8-2) at Latvia (6-4)
          Montenegro (6-4) at Ukraine (5-5)

          Feb. 25
          Turkey at Spain
          Latvia at Montenegro
          Ukraine at Slovenia

          Montenegro leads over Latvia by 6 points with 1 game remaining
          Montenegro leads over Ukraine by 9 points with 1 game remaining
          Latvia won tiebreaker over Ukraine.

          Group J
          Spots open-2nd place, 3rd place
          Teams alive-Italy, Poland, Hungary, Croatia

          x-Lithuania 9-1
          Italy 7-3
          Poland 6-4
          Hungary 5-5
          Croatia 4-6
          Netherlands 3-7

          Feb. 22
          Hungary (5-5) at Italy (7-3)
          Lithuania (9-1 at Netherlands (3-7)
          Poland (6-4) at Croatia (4-6)

          Feb. 25
          Italy at Lithuania
          Netherlands at Poland
          Croatia at Hungary

          Italy has tiebreaker over Poland
          Italy leads tiebreaker by 6 points over Hungary with one game left
          Poland has tiebreaker over Hungary
          Poland leads tiebreaker over Croatia by 5 points with one game left
          Croatia leads tiebreaker over Hungary by 5 points with one game left

          Group K
          Qualified-France, Czech Republic
          Spots remaining- 3rd place
          Still alive-Russia, Finland, Bulgaria

          x-France 9-1
          x-Czech Rep. 7-3
          Russia 6-4
          Finland 5-5
          Bulgaria 4-6
          BIH 2-8

          BIH (2-8) at Czech Rep (7-3)
          France (9-1) at Finland (5-5)
          Russia (6-4) at Bulgaria (4-6)

          Czech Rep. at France
          Finland at Russia
          Bulgaria at BIH

          Russia leads tiebreaker over Finland by 2 points with one game left
          Russia leads tiebreaker over Bulgaria by 4 points with one game left
          Finland holds tiebreaker over Bulgaria

          Group L
          Qualified-Greece Germany
          Spots open- 3rd place
          Teams alive- Serbia, Georgia Israel

          x-Greece 9-1
          x-Germany 9-1
          Serbia 6-4
          Georgia 5-5
          Israel 4-6
          Estonia 2-8

          Feb. 21
          Georgia (5-5) at Greece (9-1)
          Germany (9-1) at Israel (4-6)
          Serbia (6-4) at Estonia (4-6)

          Feb. 24
          Greece at Germany
          Israel at Serbia
          Estonia at Georgia

          Serbia has tiebreaker over Georgia
          Georgia has tiebreaker over Israel
          Israel leads tiebreaker over Serbia by 9 points with one game remaining

          Serbia clinches with win over Estonia
          Georgia clinches if they beat Greece & Estonia while Serbia loses to Estonia and Israel
          Israel clinches if they beat Germany and Serbia and Georgia loses to Greece & Estonia, and Serbia loses to Estonia.


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            Africa does a different schedule... Teams play 3 days in a row in one of the two groups. Then the other group does the window. So Group E is finished. Group F will get together for 3 days of games to determine final qualifiers

            Qualified-Angola, Nigeria, Tunisia
            Spots still open- 2nd place Group F, Best 3rd place team.
            Still alive- Cameroon, Senegal, Central African Republic, Cote d'Ivoire

            Group E- Final Standings

            x-Tunisia 10-2
            x-Angola 9-3
            ?-Cameroon 7-5
            Egypt 7-5
            Morocco 4-8
            Chad 3-9

            Group F
            x-Nigeria 9-0
            Senegal 7-2
            Central African Rep 4-5
            Cote d'Ivoire 4-5
            Rwanda 3-6
            Mali 3-6

            Feb. 22
            Cote d'Ivoire (4-5) at Nigeria (9-0)
            Senegal (7-2) at Rwanda (3-6)
            Central African Rep. (4-5) at Mali (3-6)

            Feb. 23
            Mali at Senegal
            Nigeria at Central African Rep.
            Rwanda at Cote d'Ivoire

            Feb. 24
            Nigeria at Senegal
            Rwanda at Central African Republic
            Mali at cote d'Ivoire

            Status Remaining 2 spots.

            2nd place Group F

            Senegal 7-2
            Central African Rep. 4-5
            Cote d'Ivoire 4-5

            Senegal clinches with 1 win or 1 loss by both Central African Republic & Cote d'Ivoire.
            Senegal can only lose 2nd place if they lose all 3 remaining game and Central African Republic or Cote d'Ivoire win all 3

            Best 3rd place.

            Cameroon 7-5
            Central African Republic 4-5
            Cote d'Ivoire 4-5

            Cameroon has finished its games. Central African Republic or Cote d'Ivoire can tie Cameroon by winning 3 straight games.
            That would result in applying the tiebreaker (total point differential). Cameroon clinches berth in World Cup if Central African Republic and Cote d'Ivoire each lose one of their remaining games.

            Current tiebreaker status

            Cameroon +78
            Cote d'Ivoire +13
            Central African Republic -41

            In essence Cote d'Ivoire would have to win its final 3 games by a combined advantage of 65 points.
            Central African Republic would have to win its final 3 games by a combined advantage of 119 points.

            It should be noted Rwanda and Mali who both these teams still play have been losing by large margins,
            However both of these teams also have to play undefeated Nigeria.


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              Games set for Feb. 21

              Group E

              Japan (6-4) at Iran 7-3)
              Australia (9-1) at Kazakhstan (4-6)
              Philippines (5-5) at Qatar (2-8)

              Iran clinches advancing to Round 3 with a win over Japan OR a Philippines loss
              Japan clinches advancing to Round 3 with a win over Iran PLUS a Philippines loss
              Kazakhstan is eliminated if they lose to Australia

              Group K

              BIH (2-8) at Czech Rep. (7-3)
              France (9-1) at Finland (5-5)
              Russia (6-4) at Bulgaria (4-6)

              Russia clinches advance to Round 3 with a win over Bulgaria AND a Finland loss to France.
              Finland is eliminated if they lose and Russia wins
              Bulgaria is eliminated if they lose or Finland wins

              Group L

              Georgia (5-5) at Greece (9-1)
              Germany (9-1) at Israel (4-6)
              Serbia (6-4) at Estonia (2-8)

              Serbia clinches advance to Round 3 if they defeat Estonia OR if both Georgia and Israel lose
              Georgia is eliminated if they lose to Greece OR Serbia wins
              Israel is eliminated if they lose to Germany OR Serbia wins

              Group F

              Chile (2-8) at Canada (8-2)
              Venezuela (9-1) at Dominican Republic (6-4)
              Brazil (7-3) at Virgin Islands (2-8)

              Brazil clinches advance to 3rd Round with win over Virgin Islands or a Dominican Republic loss to Venezuela.


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                Asia Group F finishes for the day !

                Australia eliminates Kazakhstan 81-60

                Japan prevents Iran from punching a ticket to the next Round with a 97-89 victory

                Philippines roll over Qatar 84-46

                As a result of today's action it is sure some spots will remain open to the last day of Round 2.
                Currently 5 nations are still alive for 4 spots. (Iran,Japan, Philippines, Lebanon, Jordan)


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                  Europe Group K

                  Russia eliminates Bulgaria 104-60.

                  As a result Finland must defeat France today to force a head to head match for one spot. Currently Finland trails France by 2 points at halftime. The one remaining spot in Europe Group K is now going to be either Russia or Finland.


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                    Europe Group K Finishes for the day.

                    Finland does it as they knock off France 76-69. As a result Russia and Finland meet head to head for one spot on Sunday. Russia beat Finland by 2 points in November on a 3 point shot at the buzzer. As a result Finland will have to beat Russia by 3 points on Sunday to knock Russia out of advancing to the next round.

                    In a meaningless game played for nothing other then pride Czech Rep. defeated BIH 69-64


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                      Europe Group L

                      Last place Estonia shocks Serbia 71-70. Serbia who was expected to qualify today fails to close the door. As a result Israel and Georgia who both have tough games today can stay alive if they win.


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                        Europe Group L

                        After hearing last place Estonia upset Serbia Israel rallied to upset Germany 81-77 to stay alive. Will have to wait on the result of the Greece-Georgia game but it is possible that the Sunday Serbia/Israel match will be a head to head match for the final spot in Group L. Israel defeated Serbia by 9 points in November.


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                          Europe Group L finishes for the day

                          Greece defeats Georgia 81-69. As a result of the loss Georgia is eliminated from advancing but creates a odd issue for the last spot. Currently Serbia is 6-5 while Israel and Georgia are now 5-6 with one game remaining. On Sunday Serbia plays Israel while Georgia takes on Estonia. Israel defeated Serbia the first time they played by 9 points. Should Israel defeat Serbia on Sunday to finish in a two way tie at 6-6 Israel would qualify. However should Georgia also win on Sunday their would be a 3 way tie. In that case Israel would have beaten Serbia twice, Serbia would have beaten Georgia twice and Georgia would have beaten Israel twice. As a result it would come down to point differential in those head to head matches where Serbia has a 22 point advantage. As a result they following is what applies for Sunday's games

                          Serbia advances
                          if they defeat Israel
                          or lose by less the 23 points to Israel if Georgia defeats Estonia.

                          Israel advances
                          If they defeat Serbia and Estonia defeats Georgia
                          If Georgia defeat Estonia Israel to advance would have to beat Serbia by 23 points.


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                            Only games remaining for Thursday are 3 from the Americas

                            Chile (2-8) at Canada (8-2)
                            Simply a pride game as Chile is out and Canada already qualified for the next round

                            Venezuela (9-1) at Dominican Republic (6-4)
                            For Venezuela simply a pride game as they already qualified. However Dominican Republic is in a fight for either the 3rd spot with Brazil or for the best 4th place record with Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Panama.

                            Brazil (7-3) at Virgin Islands (2-8)
                            Brazil punches a ticket to the next round with a win over a Virgin Islands team that has only pride to play for.


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                              America Group F

                              Canada rolls over Chile 85-46

                              Brazil becomes the only nation to qualify today as they defeat Virgin Islands 104-80

                              Venezuela- Dominican Republic has yet to start.


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