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Winter Olympics - Favorite events

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  • Winter Olympics - Favorite events

    Am I the only one who actually likes the Winter Olympics better than that Summer games?

    I think it is partially because of the fascination with speed that I have had for as long as I can remember. Overall the Winter games are just faster. Bobsled, Luge and Skeleton are great starting points. Then you throw in the Alpine events and I was hooked. I think Franz Klammer was my first hero that didn't strap into race car.

    In a hope to bring it back to some relation to Auto racing. In previous years some of the NASCAR guys were involved with the US Bobsled team and I have seen that this year it appears BMW is involved with them. Does anyone know if any there are any other car\racing tie ins with that this year. I was wondering why BMW was involved with the US team and not the German team? Did Mercedes already do that? Why doesn't IndyCar get involved? Didn't Dan Wheldon drive one once and crash when he was with Panther?


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    Originally posted by Outlaw View Post
    Didn't Dan Wheldon drive one once and crash when he was with Panther?
    Just found the video. It looks like Dan was a passenger. Some NHRA driver was the driver. I wonder who the genius was that decided to put the strait line guy in as driver of something that is almost all turns?


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      First of all, I agree winter is way better than summer for olympics. Second, to answer your question go check out the IndyCar website, front page story is about David Cripps involvement in USA bobsled.


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        Great thread topic.

        Bobsled was the first Winter Olympic sport I liked, then speed skating and Alpine skiing. Basically if it's a race I want to see it, even Biathalon (sp?) which was pretty compelling to watch in 2010.

        I look forward to reading the article on David Cripps.


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          I love the Skeleton, and of course the Downhill. Anything out of control, actually.

          Too bad Speed Skiing isn't an Olympic event.
          "The track will choose who's going to win."

          Tony Kanaan


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            I love curling and biathlon. Both are fascinating.
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              Figure Skating..*Hito loses 100 man points*
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                My favorite events:

                Alpine Skiing (particularly the Downhill race)
                Speed Skating

                I'm really excited for the games. So many good stories to experience.


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                  I like pretty much anything that is based on an objective score or elapsed time.

                  I just can't get into the subjectively scored (judged) events, and unfortunately those events get the bulk of the attention.
                  No weather forecasts are ever guaranteed, even if confidence level is high. Even a 99% probability will miss 1% of the time. That's the best anybody can do when predicting highly complex events.


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                    I think if the activity allows you to wear sequins it ought to be banned as a sport.
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                      I'm so ready for the winter games. I too find them far more entertaining than the summer games.

                      Downhill skiing is my favorite. Love the speed and excitement of that event. It's like road racing on ice!

                      I also really like the shot track speed skating. Lots of actions, contact and wipeouts just like your saturday night track.

                      Cant wait!
                      "If you don't do it this year, you'll be another year older when you do"



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                        Short track and regular speed skating
                        The fast Alpine events
                        Ski flying
                        Anything someone rides down a hill

                        Was barrel jumping ever an Olympic sport? That was a riot.


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                          Definitely bobsled...

                          Followed by Luge and Super Slalom Skiing


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                            Any winter sport that has been in the Olympics for more than 3 Olympiads. Not a big fan of the new made-for-TV extreme events.


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                              Ski Jumping. Speed Skating. Downhill skiing. Luge. Bobsled. Cross-country skiing. Biathlon. These are a few of my favorite things...


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