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Who do you trust?

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  • Who do you trust?

    After a conversation with my bro which provoked reactions of anger and sadness I am moved to ask.
    Who do you trust?

    My wife.
    Two of my bros.
    A couple of my workplace colleagues.
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    Depends on the situation.

    But hopefully your wife.
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      My husband, my brother Michael, my Uncle Marty.

      There's also a few TF folks who have been my friends for a long time that I know I could trust if I really needed them. I'm not going to call them out but I'm sure they know who they are.


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        I went to Walgreens today.


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          I went to CVS yesterday... Picked up a couple bags of Hersey Nuggets that were on sale 2 for $6 used my 2 extra bucks coupon and walked away with 2 for $4.

          I love Hersey Nuggets because of their size just one completely satisfies my sweet tooth where it takes 3-4 Kisses or 2-3 Rollos. Just one Nugget and I'm good to go for the rest of the day.

          Oh yes, I also used my coupon from Coke Rewards to get a free 12 pack of Coca-Cola to feed my addiction... "Hi my name is Frank and I'm a Coke-aholic if I have wronged anybody here allow me to make amends".

          So to be honest I went to CVS yesterday and I got 2 bags of Hersey Nuggets and a fridge pack of Coca-Cola for four bucks.

          But again full disclosure, I went to CVS yesterday and I got 2 bags of Hersey Nuggets and a fridge pack of Coca-Cola for four bucks plus I have a 1 extra buck coupon in my billfold from the purchase for my next visit to CVS.

          BTW I don't have any brothers nor co-workers and I once told my wife just before she became my Ex that she had a tell and I always knew when she was lying to me. She asked me what her tell was and I told her that her lips moved when ever she was lying.
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            Thankfully I have many.

            My wife
            My son
            Several family members
            Three of my closest friends

            And believe it or not, my mechanic. No lie.
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              My wife
              My ex-wife (maybe as much as anyone)
              My best friend since I was 2
              A small group of my High School friends
              A couple of my Houston friends
              ...no one that I work with


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                For sure, no questions asked, 100%, my wife, which matters the most. The rest? I would say all my 7 sibings and four friends I have had since grade school.
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                  Who do you trust?.

                  Johnny Carson

                  And if you get it you are old.


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