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Kinda neat coincidence

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  • Kinda neat coincidence

    Just had one of those "wow" moments - the kind of coincidence that gives the neck hair a shiver

    Doing a little recreational googling, I came across a photo of Lem Trotter's desk, in 1966, that you can zoom in on real close. So what do I see?

    On the ledge of his desk, right of the ceramic doggies, a sign partially obscured by a file cabinet.

    No big deal to some, maybe, but I know what it says, because above my desk at work, from an unremembered source, is the very same (well, similar) saying:

    Doesn't mean anything, just a neat coincidence to me Kinda neat
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    "Each day well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this one day for it, and it alone, is life"
    ~ Sanskrit poem attributed to Kalidasa, "Salutation to the Dawn"

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