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OK, let's talk weather.

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  • OK, let's talk weather.

    Apparently Indiana is about to get hit with the Great White Death falling from the sky only this time the snowfall should be fairly decent. Last prediction I saw for Indy was 5' to 11".

    Now, this will be fun and all but I have another concern. My daughter is planning on driving from Indy to KC on the 28th so I need to know what the weather will be like in between those great cities.

    Anybody along that route want to weigh in or does somebody have a link to a national snowfall map that might help?

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      She will likely be fine. This snow should be over by the evening of the 26th. By the morning of the 28th, most roads will be easily passable and likely clear.


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        NWS just hit us with a blizzard warning!!

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        2008 5A Football State Champs
        2015 6A Football State Champs
        2011 Track State Champs

        Center Grove Jr. Trojans
        2014, 2015 & 2017 IEFA State Champs


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          Which TV station gets to be the first to show the weather reporter WILL B. FREEZN standing on the corner telling us it is snowing and cold
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            Terrible drive to Southern California a few days ago; 125 miles of chain controls through the mountains before reaching Bishop. Not of huge concern in an all wheel drive, but a pain to drive in anyway. Total white-out conditions for much of the way. Never realized 'till now that, when you can't see the road, it's impossible to tell whether the rumble strips your tires are hitting are the ones marking the shoulder or the center line. Would have thought you could tell by feel.

            But it's Christmas in Anaheim; mid-sixties today and I'm wearing shorts to Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas everyone.


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              Aloha Boy's and Girl's,,,

              "Mele Kalikimaka" to All,,,

              I've been on the "Left Coast" in the land of "Fruit & Nuts",
              and if you get what has pass'd thru here in the last 72
              hours, you might be in for a thrill... Fast moving, but a
              lot of it...

              So fast, that they even had, a "Killer Alvanche" on a
              "groomed" ski run at Donner Ski Ranch, another 3
              traped at Sugar Bowl...

              Tahoe-area ski resorts received at least 3 feet of snow
              in a wind-whipped series of storms from Friday through
              Sunday, leading to perilous conditions even within ski
              area boundaries. And a new storm system dropping
              rain right now in the "Bay Area", pretty heavy Christmas

              "With the extremely heavy snowfall we've gotten
              over the last three days and the conditions prior to
              that, it's prime avalanche conditions," Lade said.
              Two neighboring ski resorts, Squaw Valley USA
              and Alpine Meadows, also reported dangerous
              avalanches. A veteran ski patroller at Alpine
              Meadows was taken Monday to Renown Regional
              Medical Center in Reno after being buried in a
              slide that had been intentionally set with an
              explosive device."

              Source: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/loca...#ixzz2G5lfZMnF

              I wonder how "Roach" and "Minderspring" are doing east of the
              Sierra's,,, Carson Valley,,, I think...

              Yes,,, Yes,,, Tony,,,

              Your Grandfather was a friend of Roger Penske,,,

              Your Grandfather did business with Roger Penske,,, but

              Your Grandfather never trusted Roger Penske,,,


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                snow started about 10:00 this morning with huge flakes and still coming down in small icy type.. temps dropping fast too..

                this after thunderstorms awakened me soon after santa stopped by.. gonna be brrrrrr brrr until thursday.
                returning to the days of ignorant bliss..


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                  Same around these parts. Snowflakes as large as half dollar pieces; I wonder how I'll get to work tomorrow.


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                    BigWheel... Wow! Lake Tahoe was our ski playground when we lived in N Calif. It's never good when avalanches in a patrolled ski area. I set one off at Mt Crested Butte, CO back in about 1985. Cutting first tracks.
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                      It seems they keep pushing the blizzard warning and the arrival time of snow back. First it was 7pm tonight to 7pm tomorrow night, then 5am 12/26 to 7pm. Now it's 1pm to 7pm. 40 mph winds.

                      TD, you're daughter may run into some bad conditions. Any chance she can postpone her trip?

                      Scott Swan says the NWS called in a once in 5 to 10 year storm. It could also be one of those things where we'll get 3 inches and that will be it. However, everyone thought Sandy wouldn't be a big deal either.
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                        Originally posted by fivehundred2go View Post
                        Which TV station gets to be the first to show the weather reporter WILL B. FREEZN standing on the corner telling us it is snowing and cold
                        I got a chuckle back in November when I noticed one of the commentators on a political panel program predicting the outcome of the election was named Crystal Ball.

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                          We are driving from Washington, DC to Indianapolis on the 28th and don't foresee any problems. The storm will be past, and between Indianapolis and Kansas City it will be partly cloudy with about a 10% chance of precipitation.
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                            I'm supposed to drive down to Orlando with my daughter tomorrow, so this doesn't excite me like it usually would. Hopefully 65 or 74 will be passable on Thursday.
                            It's hard to be cool when your dad is Goofy.


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                              Cold as all $#@#, fill in your favorite adjective or gerund; but no snow here. Hope y'all can dig out quickly.
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