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SB sim to INDY?

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  • SB sim to INDY?

    pretty big event in the metromess tonite.. drove 43 miles to a "party" as a minority. a simple packer backer (didn't wimp out to the afl team) versus a simple steeler team (that did wimp out to the afl) there were many of those towel waving yankee fans.. ya know not the mellow peace loving cheeseheads.. the "middle american" type, just one step up from flyover status.

    edit short and sweet... needless to say, but really i didn't have a dog in the hunt. i was just there to collect data from the demographic set that i had been given, while every so often shouting "GO PACK GO"!!!! ya know, pick things up to use at the water cooler and with others.

    but it turned into a pretty good game, enough to keep one's interest at least..

    now here's the similar part.. i got a police escort westbound from arlington.. it was similar to INDY as to how every so often you could "catch" one leaving speedway.
    like when you're westbound on 70.

    just my experience no inside info about vips headed west after INDY on 70 haulin the mail.
    usually they have several state troopers headed back to their station too. so you let them fly past, then hang it out with them at a reasonable distance. made terre haute several times like that.

    anyway, i was speed limit west and several dps vehicles passed me. going much faster.
    gave'em some room and slipped right in.. set the cruise at 85, turned the tunes up and rocked.
    i was 6 six miles north of the stadium. made it home with "escort" 43 miles in 30 minutes, well that's what the phone said.

    just like leaving INDY going to terre haute.. catch a ride.

    oh you mean like attendance and spectacle? hmmmm
    returning to the days of ignorant bliss..

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