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blacked out football game help

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  • blacked out football game help

    Allright.. I am a detroit lions fan. There, its out in the open. Last Sunday's game was blacked out. I live in Ontario, and we get the feed from Detroit, so no game on my TV. As annoying as this is, last year I dealt with it by listening to the live audio feed from the detroit station. This year, I suddenly am not allowed by CBS radio to get the feed because of my region. I tried nearly every station on the Lions Radio Network.

    I need a work around for upcoming home games that will probably be blacked out. Would love to watch it on the PC, but will settle for some way to get audio.

    Anyone out there who can help?

    I mean, the team is finally getting better, and NOW I can't even listen to the games??? sheesh.

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    Give this a try: http://atdhe.net/index.html
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