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  • Stitches

    A long time ago, when I was very young, I listened on radio a show called G-Man. At the end of the show, they would bulletin a person wanted for commiting crime, or crimes. They would give a detailed description of the person, including scars. I wondered, how does a person get scars? I sure was not going to get any.

    Well, here I am at 72 years of age, and I have scars. No details, but, just that I had to have stitches taken to seal the wound. So, I had three cuts that required stitches.

    Wondering, how many cuts did you have that required stitches?

    Surgeries do not count in this queiry, just accidental cuts.


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    One that required stitches, and several that required careful bandaging.

    I work on farm equipment for a living, no shortage of sharp edges and jagged metal there. The one cut that required stitches I recieved at Lincoln Tech. I was barring over a Caterpillar engine in the Diesel Tune Up lab when someone accidente;y bumped the air stater lever.
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      I have had five accidental wounds that have required stitches... luckily none on my face. However the number of bones that I have broken is much more impressive.

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        75 to reattach most of my left ear!
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          Originally posted by Niseguy View Post
          75 to reattach most of my left ear!
          Geeshowie!!! Grizzly bear attack?

          I've only had stitches twice. Just three or four stitches each. I thought I'd cut clear to the bone on one finger and severed whatever was there, but nope, part of the tendon was still connected and after about a year was nearly full strength. Three decades ago and I can still feel it at times. But the doc only put four stitches even on that one.

          Every other injury has responded eventually to tight bandages and Neosporin. I have some slightly visible scars from some of those, a couple on the sides of my head. But nothing worthy of a police description, although I'll have to check their blotter.
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            The only times I can remember needing stitches for an accident are on the bottom of my feet. Once for sliver removal and once for pushing off the bottom of a pond using a piece of beer bottle as a platform (hint; when jumping into unknown ponds off cliffs...wear shoes). Can't really see if there are scars but don't care if there are I suppose.


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              None---I'm so exciting...
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                I've been lucky. Only had a total of five stitches with three of them being in my mouth after oral surgery. The other two were on my thumb after I dropped the sharp edge of a removable cooler door on it.


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                  In the forehead at 5 after falling against a stepping stone edge.

                  In the forearm after hand went through a back door window when friend slamed door and then opened it after arm went throug while playing - got real lucky on that one. Now door lights have to be tempered but not in the 50's - shards that shred.

                  Wile using a grinder and material caught throwing my thumb into the corner of the wheel - did you know there is a natural "divot" in the latteral side of the thumb toward the level of the bottom of the nail? I didn't until I applied direct pressure and felt it and thought I had removed a piece of bone - I had not - whew.
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                    Do staples count?

                    "Ooh woo, I'm a Rebel just for kicks, now
                    I been feeling it since 1966, now..."


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                      Stitches four times but you'd probably not be able to find any scars unless I shaved off my beard. Fourteen stitches to the chin from a pond-hockey incident, nine to the corner of an eye from an elbow in basketball, five from an unexpected recoil of a rifle scope, and four from jumping off a pile of lumber as a kid and driving a nail ( with board attached ) completely through my right foot. Any visible scars which I do have are actually from cuts and rips which were never stitched, since I grew up in a generation and location where doctors were used mainly for deliveries and death certificates.
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                        All of my significant injuries came from my childhood. I busted my chin open and needed stitches when my sister dropped me. I broke a rib when my sister chased me down the stairs. And I sliced my foot open and got many stitches after my sister tripped me one day.

                        (But, I don't blame her for any of that.)


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                          I've had my share of stitches. 3 in my ear when I was 10 years old due to being accidentally struck by a shovel. 12 in my left arm due to a car accident when I was 22. I had 20 stitches in my right leg due to a scaffold collapse. 5 in my forehead, 4 in my left pinky finger, 5 in my right forearm all due to occupational injuries. Fortunately for me I have very few scars from them. I do have a still visible stripe down my leg from the scaffolding stitches though.
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                            Only one time for me. At the age of four, I fell while running down a gravel driveway and got a cut on my forehead. Running down that driveway is my earliest memory, though I don't specifically remember falling down (I probably blocked that out). I also remember my mother changing the bandage on my forehead a few days later. I don't have a scar there now, probably because I was so young at the time. The only other time I've had stitches was for oral surgery.

                            A couple of years ago, a young man I know who plays basketball for Hanover College took an elbow to the face at a game against Wabash College, and it opened up a gash over his eye which left blood trickling down the side of his face. The trainer got the bleeding stopped and patched him up well enough for him to play the second half. Dr. Donald Shelbourne of the Shelbourne Knee Clinic was at the game because his son played for Wabash. He took a look at the cut after the game, and put one stitch in it to close it up without any anesthetic. He wanted to put a couple more in, but Mike made it clear to him that one was plenty! Dr. Shelbourne told the family to take Mike to their doctor the next day to see if more needed to be done. Mike's a better man than I. That one stitch was one more than I could have handled without anesthetic!
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                              I have had stitches probably in triple digits. Far too many to count.
                              Some are from an adventurous childhood, that lasted well into my 20's.
                              Some are from surgical procedures.
                              Have a very blessed day!


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