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  • Your signature dish

    Something you cook that everyone loves, gives you complements on and is often requested.

    Mine is my Spaghetti Sauce.

    I’ve been making it since I was a teenager.

    I start with a pound or two of lean ground beef and two or three links of Italian Sausage. Season with some garlic salt, and a little meat tenderizer. I brown the beef and sausage together with chopped onion and آ½ to آ¾ bottle of Yuengling or Clipper City beer.

    Before I add my sauce base I add 2 or 3 6 oz. cans of sliced B&B Mushrooms and a cup of fresh diced green pepper. Once all that is combined I’ll add 2 to 3 cups of Pace Picante sauce medium heat. Then I just let it all simmer for and hour and serve.
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    Veal Marsala.

    Pound the veal into scallopini, dredge in seasoned flour (garlic powder, onion powder, freshly ground pepper) and brown in olive oil. Remove, cover and set aside. Add more olive oil then saute minced garlic and shallots until translucent. Add plenty of fresh mushrooms (anything but buttons, I've used porcini, portabellos, mini-portabellos) and saute. Add a couple of cups of marsala wine, a cup of chicken broth. At the end when sauce has been reduced, add some more freshly ground pepper, salt, fresh italian parsley and the veal cutlets. Heat through and serve with a side of pasta with homemade sauce.

    Another recipe I cook on the grill is shrimp with a Sriracha marinade (if you like hot things).

    Marinade (enough for two pounds of uncooked jumbo shrimp): one cup Sriracha, one cup soy sauce, juice of 4 limes, teaspoon of red pepper (cayenne), teaspoon of crushed red pepper, tablespoon of freshly ground pepper, tablespoon of chili powder and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Marinade shrimp in a gallon sealed baggie for two hours. Grill over medium grill for 2-3 minutes a side until lightly charred and just cooked.

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      Either pulled pork or ribs. The pulled pork usually takes about 12-14 hours to make.

      I want chicken I want liver meow mix meow mix please deliver


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        Two and both involve phyllo dough.
        First one uses browned boneless chicken breast topped with a creme cheese/spinach/garlic/S&P mixture. Wrap in several layers of buttered phyllo, egg wash and bake.

        Make a sandwich with a wedge of brie sliced in half and filled with caramelized onions (in butter, thyme, white wine and a generous pinch of sugar). Wrap in several layers of buttered phyllo, eggwash and bake.
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          I'm known for my Ricotta and Mozzarella stuffed Manicotti, my Deep Dish Pizza and my Ribs.

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            Anything that I burn on the grill turns out pretty good.
            An Italian friend of mine gave me his recipe for Italian sausage and it's outstanding. It takes a long time to simmer the sauce, so you have to start preparation early in the day. You have to buy the sausage at a specific place also. I tried buying it at a supermarket but it just wasn't right.
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              It is more of a formula than a recipe. Having a Slavic decent, my dad and mother made this white Borscht, no, there were no sausages or sourkraut in it. It only had heart and mushroom pieces. Thru experimenting, I have created something similar to the taste.

              You cut into little pieces a small can of mushrooms pieces, Polar is the best. Put in large pot. Now, add one family size can of cream of mushroom soup, no water. Plus a small can of cream of mushroom soup, again, no water. Now, add one can, 14 oz. chicken broth, and one can, 14 oz. beef broth. Heat and stir to disolve the cream of mushroom soups.

              Now take two containers of sour cream, the 16 oz. size. Take off seal and put in micowave oven and heat a few minutes on a low setting. You do not want to make it hot, just warm. Now add one container of sour cream to the soup. Takes quite a bit of stirring to disolve the sour cream, it is easier when the sour cream is warm. Now, ad the second container of sour cream and stir until disolved.

              The soup will be very thick. The way I like it. But, maybe you would want to thin it. I guess this recipe would be for people with an aquired taste.



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                B's and G's......yummy


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                  Ice cubes. Always try to fill the tray only to the point where there is clear definition to both the vertical and horizontal edges when served; don't worry too much about the clarity for drinks based on brown spirits though appearance is extremely important with vodka, gin, and some tequila drinks. I try to make a standard size serving but I have been known to make small portions when the rest of the meal calls for this. Generally best when served very cold as they will tend to break down fairly quickly in the heat.

                  For special occasions I have used glacier ice but the cracking caused by dissolved gas can cause unexpected reactions from some guests.

                  You can pick up commercially produced substitutes at most convenience stores, but they simply don't measure up to the custom-made version.
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                    Fried Oysters
                    It ain't as easy as you'd think - you got to have the right coating & seasonings and the oil temp has to be perfect.
                    If you get it wrong the coating will be mushy and the oyster not hot enough...or overdone and fried to a crisp.
                    All that takes trial and error but once you get it right...look out!
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                      Gigantic quantities of brisket, sausage, ribs and chicken cooked to perfection in my trailer mounted smoker. It has a 36" firebox, an 84" X 30" diameter smoker barrel, and a 36" square warming box at the end of the barrel. This thing cooks at 225 degrees like it has a thermostat knob, and with all the secret coatings, basting, and such the end result is mighty happy stuff. R22 can vouch for the goodies this thing produces.

                      We didn't cook at the June TMS race this year because my health has been so screwed up, but next year I think it's gonna be business as usual. The rules: Show up, grab a plate, and eat. Plenty of free beer and sodas and the occasional astute observation. In 2008 we had a Jaegermeister machine, but it produced quite a few casualties. May have to leave that at home.


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                        Rock star tacos: lean, mean, and soaked in Jack Daniel's.
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                          Smoked Ribs:

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                            Grilled, marinated skirt steak...

                            I marinate the steak for at least 24 hours, sometimes days.

                            Marinade varies each time but basic ingredients are guava nectar, some worster sauce, lots of fresh, crushed garlic, chopped sweet onions, some prepared horseradish and usually some tequila if I have any on hand.

                            Make enough that it completely covers the meat. Everything into a covered container and into the fridge. Let everything come to room temp before cooking.


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                              basically the : AJ FOYT 500 mile Chili recipe that i've modified.

                              also make some badazzzed cabbage.. just the basics but yummy.. cabbage, taters, sausage, etc..

                              oh and i'm always asked to bring my deviled eggs..

                              just basic stuff everyone likes
                              returning to the days of ignorant bliss..


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