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Kenny Moore Wanders Reagan National Airport

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  • Kenny Moore Wanders Reagan National Airport

    Colts Return Man Kenny Moore Wanders Reagan National Airport

    “Have you seen my team?â€‌ the diminutive return specialist still in his pads and jersey asks a series of airport personnel at Reagan National Airport.

    Usually, the Colts players heading back to Indianapolis after a road game, board a bus that whisks them directly to the team plane. Moore was led from the spacious locker room to a tiny office with a desk, lamp, and shelves of cleaning materials to wait for a few minutes before heading for the bus, “Don’t go anywhere. Stay right here. We’ll come get you. When we win a big road game, we like to do something special for the team, and you being in here is a big part of the fun.â€‌

    That lifted Kenny’s spirits after a performance that included to fumbles on punt returns (one lost to the Redskins). He knew he had screwed up and felt his time with the team was probably short given that he had only been with the Colts for two games. Maybe because they won, the guys who do the hiring and firing would forgive and forget.

    So there sat Kenny in a small room not far from the visitor’s locker room at FedEx Field, waiting for someone to tell him that the special treat for the players was ready. He could hear the other Colts celebrating a little bit. Even an ugly win is a cherished win in the NFL. Then the celebration got quieter, and then silent. But Kenny waited, knowing that disobeying an order to sit and wait should be respected. He didn’t want to add disobedience to the two fumble as another mark against him.

    After 90-minutes of sitting still and hoping someone would pop through the door with an explanation of the special treat, the door finally opened. A short Hispanic fellow pushed a mop and bucket into the room and lit the remnant of a previously smoked cigar. He emptied the bucket into a drain cut into the floor, and jumped when he finally saw Kenny, “Hey, what de hell is you do here? You belong in de room wit de udder players. Des no place for players!â€‌

    Kenny tried to explain that he was told to wait in the small room until someone from the Colts retrieved him. The Hispanic man said, “De plays gone. Dey leave long time ago.â€‌

    Kenny got up and walked quietly to the locker room, which was locked. He knocked three times, but no one came. Kenny pressed his ear to the door, and there was nothing but silence. Kenny returned to the small office where the Hispanic man sat swigging a Coke from a glass bottle, “Hey, can you let me into the visitor’s locker room. It’s locked, and I need to get back to my team.â€‌

    “Oh no,â€‌ the Hispanic man yelped. â€‌We no allowed in dat place. No keys for clean up in dat room.â€‌ Kenny sprinted from the office toward the place where the buses dropped them off almost eight hours before. The buses were gone. He scaled the chain link wrought iron that surrounds the stadium. The only person anywhere was a guy in a Redskins jersey with his face painted gold fast asleep with his head resting on a concession tray.

    “Hey, hey! Mister! You see any buses leave?â€‌ Moore asked.

    The man stirred, and then vomited as he answered, “Nah. Hey, what the hell? You some kind of ******* all dressed up?â€‌ Kenny ran into the street and tried to hail a cab, but not surprisingly a guy in a full Colts uniform didn’t make for an attractive fare. Kenny began the 10-mile walk on the Beltway toward Reagan International. There were a lot of honks from cars, and from a dark van came a White Castle slider that hit Kenny in the shoulder. For all the attention he generated, not a single car stopped and he was forced to follow the signs to the airport on foot.

    Kenny’s walk to the airport took three hours, but he was still unwilling to accept the fact that his team would leave him in a strange city. Certainly, if they were going to cut him, Kenny would at least be returned to the Colts Facility on 56th Street in Indianapolis. He walked through the airport asking a person after person where the Colts charter was. Security was alerted, as people in full pads and jerseys wandering through airports is an unusual circumstance, and it doesn’t take much to raise the concerns at an airport. It didn’t help that Kenny had no wallet or anything that would pass for proof of his identity other than his jersey.

    Securtity verified that the Colts charter left much earlier in the morning without him, so there he sits forlorn across from the US Air check in counter hoping that someone will retrieve his belongings from the locker at FedEx Field, that maybe he will get another shot to return kicks in the NFL, and that he can borrow a cell phone so he can call his agent to borrow airfare back to Indy.
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      Apparently Moore was cut today to make room for recently signed RB Andre Brown.
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