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Wysard Racing Team CART 1979-1985

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  • Wysard Racing Team CART 1979-1985

    I'd like to know if anybody has any photos of Wysard Racing in CART

    I didn't know where else to post this question
    if you know where to find some Photos
    please Contact Tom
    at [email protected]

    Drivers for Wysard included
    Vern Schuppan (79 Indy 500)
    Johnny Parsons 1982 Indy
    Derek Daly 83 Indy Jim Crawford 1985 Indy and Also Desire' Wilson (Cleveland 83 ) Wysards ran limited schedule .

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    For old stuff, we usually go to the Nostalgia Forum.

    And, since I am here, welcome!


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      Wilson, Riverside '83


      I have more Wysard images that aren't scanned yet. When they are I'll put the links in here.


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        If you're ever anywhere near Indianapolis, I recommend you go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Official Photo Shop on the second floor of the Hall of Fame Museum. They have multiple books of proof sheets from each year of the Indy 500. You could easily spend a full day poring over the books from the relevant years and ordering photos. They also do research...you could call them up at (317) 492-6771 and have them see what is available for car #34 from 1982, for example. There should be action photos, pit stops, garage scenes, etc. Have them dig a little deeper than just the posed qualifying photos. The staff there used to be quite knowledgeable, but the expertise has diminished over the past few years. A visit to the shop would allow you many excellent photos of your own selection...Definitely worth the trip!
        So long, and thanks for all the fish!


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          Thanks for the kind Welcome. I'm interested in CART History mostly.


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