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  • Turkey Bowl

    Anyone else play in Thanksgiving football games?

    Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming weekend, and we are playing full teams on a regulation field with full hitting. The only real divergence from the regular rulebook is three downs (Canadian rule) to make 30 yards for a first down. Last year over the course of a two hour game, the final score was 54-53 on a missed PAT.

    I just don't want to blow out my knees.
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    Heck No! I'm way too old to be abusing my body like that! Last time I played full contact football every breath I took hurt for a month!

    My Turkey Bowl this year like most will involve me pounding around a race track tacking photos of fast race cars, hopefully blasting around a 1/3 mile high backed oval in Wall NJ.
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      Well, kickoff is in an hour and fifteen minutes. This should be if anything, entertaining. The last two have had over 100 points of combined scoring and both were decided by fewer than three points.

      I got brought in as a ringer for O-line and defense as all of the guys out there are athletic (most played hockey up to the junior level) but only one player on either team played any organized football, and only a couple of guys are close to my size.

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      "I kill for the code to disarm this mess..."


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        We had our own Turkey Bowl two years in a row in the mid 90s.

        Full contact tackle. No helmets, no pads

        I think everyone was injured in some way, shape or form at the end of those games.

        Good fun when I was 27. Impossible now that Im 45
        Live like Dave


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          I'm 52, full contact football. That's funny stuff.
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            I am totally gassed, I came out unscathed but there wasn't enough room to hit anyone. I had my hands on their quarterback three times to bring him down as he released the ball.

            Too windy and they won the toss, and by the time we had the wind with us we were totally wore out. Final score was 24-18 for them, we were down 24 to 6 at one point.

            In the final three minutes of a two hour game:
            - they turn over the ball on downs at their own ten because of a botched punt that they threw away when the kicker was about to get smothered
            - we run it in for a touchdown, then fail to make the two point conversion (24-12)
            - recover an onside kick and run it back for a touchdown (24-18)
            - get blocked on the kick for the single
            - make another onside kick with 30 seconds left that skips out of bounds on a funny bounce to end the game

            One guy took a knee to the hip/ass that put him down for about five minutes and he had to be carried off...he wn't be sitting down for a while. Other than that nothing but hurt feelings.
            "I kill for the code to disarm this mess..."


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