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Hey kids, it pays to be funny.

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  • Hey kids, it pays to be funny.

    Just ask John Oliver:

    An accent doesn't hurt either.
    It's impossible, that's sure. So let's start working.- Phillipe Petit

    Talent borrows, Genius steals. - Pablo Picasso

    Ah, there's nothing more exciting than science. You get all the fun of sitting still, being quiet, writing down numbers, paying attention... Science has it all.

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    That's some chick. Not only good looking (and seemingly intelligent) she also may be able to kick your butt ...

    From the Maryland Vets for Freedom webpage:
    Specialist Kate Norley, United States Army, Maryland Vets for Freedom

    Kate Norley's call to duty occurred following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when she realized that her country needed her, and she subsequently put her education on hold to go join the military.

    ... Specialist (Spc.) Norley deployed to Iraq in December 2003 for a combat-tour of 16 months. Norley served as a medic during combat operations in Fallujah, Sadr City, and Ramadi-some of the most challenging arenas in the war. While doing so, Norley was awarded the Combat Medic Badge for providing medical care while under fire. Norley traveled throughout Iraq as medical support on patrols, and also provided emergency response to ambushed units.

    ... Spc. Norley has additional specialty training in handling combat stress, and she served as the sole female combat-stress specialist to more than 20,000 troops. ... Upon returning from Iraq, Spc. Norley was assigned to Walter Reed Army Medical Facility (Washington D.C.) where she completed her initial military obligation.

    ... She is currently attending George Washington University and plans on continuing service once she has completed her degree as a Physician's Assistant. LINK
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    Got to watch out for those Libertarians - they want to take over the government and leave everyone alone!


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