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Picture--26 Gigapixels

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  • Picture--26 Gigapixels

    This is not a movie, it is one photo and they zoom on different parts.



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    That's really cool. I wonder how big is its file size.


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      This is a technology that has been around for a number of years .... If you think one camera with one lens took that picture ... I have a bridge to sell you ...

      Go to google maps ...


      In the search box enter your full street address ... such as ...

      123 Main Street, San Carlos, CA

      And hit enter ...

      Now make sure you are in "satellite" mode (and it is better if you turn off "labels") and zoom in on your house. When you have zoomed in as close as you can, the "picture" you are looking at is basically the picture that was taken from the satellite. The satellite didn't take a picture of your whole city at once, or your whole state at once, or the whole country at once, it took a detailed picture that only covered a few blocks at once.

      Now, as you zoom away from your house, the software is simply "tiling" together multiple pictures, and "throwing away" some of the details of the individual pictures to give you a view from a higher altitude.

      If you want to see a classic case of where the software had a problem putting together two "tiles" ... try this ...


      Notice the bridge structure becomes very confused above the support pier as the software is trying to merge two pictures, each of which was taken from a different angle.

      26 Gigapixels ... nope, just clever use of software ... or google (and other companies that merge satellite photos) could claim they have XXX terabyte pictures.


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