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    “Somebody has to be a total moron to do it in total view of tourists and in a recreational area, when everyone has a camera these days. We don’t really have morons flying naval aircraft,” he said. ~~retired Navy jet pilot Steve Diamond
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    That's bizarre, almost appears to be intentional. Obviously not a training exercise so it makes you wonder just what the heck they were doing?
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      "The encounter was a victory, but we
      show it as an example of what not to do. Next..."

      ("Gutsiest move I ever saw, man.")

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        Something doesn't add up in the story. The aircraft were supposedly bound from Mather Air Base to LeMoore NAS for fuel. LeMoore is a couple of hundred miles almost DUE SOUTH from Sacramento .... Lake Tahoe is almost DUE EAST of Mather and probably for a chopper a straight line shot of 75 to 100 miles.

        Also, unfortunately for the pilots, they may not have realized the lake surface is at an altitude of over 6,000 feet ... and most helicoptors don't do high altitude hovering very well.


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          A certain Mr. Yeager used to use some of his flight time searching out the high lakes of the Sierra Nevada. I believe golden trout were on his list besides good hunting and camping/hiking sites.

          'Course I can't account for those guys...unless it's a new kind of trolling. Ever see the video of the guy fishing with an RC helo?



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            After seeing this I had to make a call to someone I thought might be in the know. When I asked wtf was going on he laughed and told me that the crews stopped for a photo op. Seems that someone wanted some pictures with the mountains and lake in the background. The Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 41 or (HSM 41) Seahawks routinely perform this type of maneuver (low hover over water) in everyday training and missions. The big difference of course is that they normally do it at sea level. Putting the lack of altitude consideration aside, these boys did just as they were trained in a dunking situation and saved the aircraft.
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              The way the one Seahawk was rotating made me think at first that he had lost the tail rotor or at least inadvertently stepped on the pedal and started to settle, and the other one was getting out of Dodge to avoid flying rotor blades from a crash....
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                Whatever the reason, somebody is gonna' get their tail feathers waxed.
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