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Help with outtakes

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  • Help with outtakes

    If someone would please post Tim Conway's elephant sketch from the Carol Burnett show I'd appreciate it. The full uncut version if you can.

    One of these days I need to learn how to do this

    Anyway...if you haven't seen this it's funny as heck. One of the best variety shows ever on the tube IMO.

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    Okay, here's how it is done:

    1. Go to YouTube, locate the clip.
    2. Below the YT vid, click on the 4th box over that says "share"
    3. That fills in the box below with something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qqE_WmagjY
    4. Copy that text.
    5. Open a reply or message box here.
    6. Click on the icon above that looks like a little piece of film, the one next to the the quote box.
    7. Paste in the text from YT in the yellow box and click 'OK.'
    8. If you see a 'YouTube' icon, ignore it. For some reason, it doesn't work with the new software but the 'insert video' icon does.
    9. That's it.


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      With the new forum here, you just need the URL from the header of the youtube page to paste into the window that opens after clicking on the film icon here.

      Tim Conway, amazing comedic genius.
      Asked how he’d like to be remembered were he hit by a bus tomorrow, Tracy doesn’t hesitate: “I’m a race-car driver. At the last second, I’d swerve and avoid the bus.”


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        Thanks for posting Jim, and the advice from you both. I'll give it a whirl later.


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          I liked this one as the bumbling dentist:

          Got to watch out for those Libertarians - they want to take over the government and leave everyone alone!


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