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What you can do with an Army Jeep.

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  • What you can do with an Army Jeep.

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    Sheryl crowe sez:

    Spent the best part of my losin' streak, on an Army Jeep...for what I can't recall...I'm leavin' Las Vegas today...leavin' Las Vegas...
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      I'm still looking for one of those $150 jeeps, still in the shipping crate.
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        ^ You can have your $150 Jeep. If I'm going back in time to get a smoking deal on surplus military equipment, I'll be scooping up a half dozen of those P-51's the Canadian Air Force sold off for $500 a piece.
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          I don't remember the P-51's. But someone used to advertise in the back of comic books and some magazines about 150 dollar jeeps still in the crate, in the mid 1970s. At first it was 50, but then they raised it to 150 because nobody believed 50 anymore. It was just to get you to pay money for a list of government surplus auctions. Which didn't really still have jeeps in the crate, but it made an effective although sleazy advertisement hook.
          Got to watch out for those Libertarians - they want to take over the government and leave everyone alone!


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            Unlike the jeeps there are plenty of documented cases of Mustangs and other warbirds going in the $500-$2000 range. (Mustangs actually commanded higher prices than, say, P-40s, P-47s and Bearcats for decades because they were popular, faster, and easier to maintain in most cases, until people started realizing how rare those P-47s and Bearcats etc. were getting-a situation that persisted until the 1990s.) Then as now many of them met an unfortunate end at the hands of pilots whose pocketbooks were more impressive than their logbooks. 400 MPH prop fighters with 1,200-2,000 horses don't know they're supposed to be cheap.
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              Don't forget the "Army Surplus Motorcycles".

              And yes, they were legitimate offers. They were Harley-Davidson "WLAs" (Military version of my 1947 WL). They were 45ci Flat Heads and I knew several friends that purchased them. Wish I had. :mad:

              My 1947 WL (before restoration)

              My 1947 WL (after restoration)

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                Wow, roach. Very nice!
                Got to watch out for those Libertarians - they want to take over the government and leave everyone alone!


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                  Thanks for posting the video, and the bike pics. My Dad purchased a 1953 Army Jeep from the local Civil Defense group in 1989 for $400. He was a mechanic in the Army in the late 50s and had worked on the same model.
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                    Nicely done, Roach! How long did that take?

                    Has anyone done anything similiar with a Jeep?
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