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    I'm watching this Florida vs. Tennessee ball game, and tryin' to be cool, the announcers were calling the place ROCKY TOP. Okay, nod, nod...wink, wink...you guys are cool...BUT that song was played, danced to, and sang in my house when it came out...First by the Osbourne Brothers, followed by anybody who played country, and spoke English. Barbara Mandrell sings about being country when country wasn't cool. I was country when country was unheard of. Had to be, the radio was on WSM pretty much all of the time.
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    I hated country music until I got a job at a country radio station. WTTM 920 AM.

    It grows on a person. Good era to learn about Country music. Reba, Shenandoah, George Strait, KT Oslin, Randy Travis.... Rodney Crowell was still getting some love from the major country stations too

    Some Saturday nights when Im driving home from some far flung speedway in SC or NC I can get WSM on the way home. Kinda of cool to think of all the greats that performed on that station on that show. Like listening to music history as its being made
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