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OT, but still Indy related....who did I buy a car from?

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  • OT, but still Indy related....who did I buy a car from?

    Doug Zink's daughter.

    Doug was a backstretch (later turn 3) radio network reporter at IMS in the 60's and 70's (maybe even into the 80's?).

    Anyway, I thought it was kind of cool

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    What was the car?
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      infiniti g35 sedan .... used of course, i don't have $45k to waste on a vehicle.

      she (his daughter) was my sales-lady at the dealership (d&r in greenwood)

      she was flabbergasted when she handed me her card and i asked: "do you happen to be related to doug, the former ims radio network guy"

      apparently most of her customers are not diehard indy 500 geeks like me

      so we had a good conversation about racing and stuff

      she spoke very highly of the speedway and the hulman-george family

      it was fun


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        I was so hoping you were going to say Eldon Palmer (is he still alive?)
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          Cool story, 9rows.

          Eldon Palmer is still alive last I heard. If I voice my opinion of him it might get me a vacation so I won't.
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