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Hoosiers offer coaching job to Bennett

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  • Hoosiers offer coaching job to Bennett

    Indiana offered its men's basketball coaching job to Tony Bennett one day after his Washington State team was knocked out of the NCAA tournament, a pair of sources told FOXSports.com.
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    Interesting pick...

    Wouldn't be my first pick but he definitely knows the game.

    Can he recruit?
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      Say hello to boring, painful to watch, Wisconsin and Michigan State like basketball. Could be winning basketball though, particularly within the Big 10.
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        If Tony takes it, you guys will be getting a really good coach. And, with the ability to recruit at IU, his offense will be more fun to watch than one might think.

        IU could do a lot worse. The Big 10 continues to get really good coaches.
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          ...plus he sings 'I left my Heart in San Fran....." so well!!!


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            Bennett denies ogetting Indiana offer

            Although there may be some careful parsing of the words.


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              Bennett's style of ball would fit in with the Big 10. Slow, ugly basketball.

              Not saying he is not a good coach, but I am not a big fan of his (or his dad's) style of basketball.

              And, if he gets the job, IU could have the chance of firing both Dick Bennett's daughter and son. How many schools can make the claim of canning a brother/sister combo?
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                Hope Sanctions doesn't have the same fate after being replaced by a Bennett Sib...

                Okay that was bad,

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