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Jack Daniels Plus Paxil Equals....

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  • Jack Daniels Plus Paxil Equals....

    I was driving home from my job at the theater at the convention center , and due to traffic coming out of it I had to detour myself way more south than I usually would go , so to turn myself around I went into some desolated alley/neighborhoody kind of place. I stopped to look around so I could head back north, and I see a guy out of the corner of my eye and he takes out a pistol and shoots in my general direction. Looking at my car, they missed, but I booked it out of there. I think I was driving like 60 down a 35. But god, I'm really glad nobody was in the car with me at the time.

    I get home in record pace, after calling the police, and after awhile I learn that this bloke was pissed at his neighbor, and decided to top off his depression medication with a little booze, and add in some firearms and well...

    A lesson for you all out there
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    Glad you are safe!!!


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