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More dollars than sense?

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  • More dollars than sense?

    Buy the dome auction

    Does anyone else find it odd that this place was built with tax monies and now it is being sold off by Irsay? WTF is going on here?
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    If left to the city it would have simply been destroyed.
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      who cares? if irsay doesn't sell the stuff, it's part of the demolition and the landfill can have it. the dome would still be unused if the Irsay family didn't move the colts to Indy, remember, it was built before they were here.

      also, people tend to want to poke at rich people but they pay over 70% (from memory, may be off a little) of all taxes and contribute the most to charity.

      i am ok with JI selling this stuff.


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        The dome was built in 1982 at a cost of $82 million and we still owe $75 million on it.

        The new stadium will cost $10 million more a year to run and that hasn't been budgeted for.

        The new stadium is also $100 million over budget. We paid the Colts $30 million to break the dome lease with them which conveniently is equal to their share of costs for the new stadium.

        So what's another $10+ million in money going to Irsay's charities? Drop in the bucket at this point.
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