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Another coaching meltdown

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  • Another coaching meltdown

    Do you ever get tired of these?

    Not me.

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    Saw the Michigan rant in a bar last night, but couldn't hear it. All that over offensive rebounds. Now that I've heard it, I'm surprised he didn't swear at all, at least from what I could tell.
    It's a Hoosier thing, you wouldn't understand...


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      Aw, referee incompetence rears its ugly head once again.


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        I love when people say "no disrespect, but...". It's like when congresspeople say "my esteemed colleege from across the other party". You know the next thing they say is going to be cool.

        I'll give it to the the Michigan coach. He does know how to make an entrance.
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          I'm not even sure what the Michigan guy is upset about -- bad player performance or bad calls?

          The Okie State guy may actually have a beef if the reporter printed a story with bad facts, but obviously you can handle it differently.

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